By upsofloating on Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

THIS IS SO GREAT! For depression, I suggest soup. Actually, I suggest soup for everything. YMMV, but during my bouts of depression (the sinky black kind), I find that cooking is incredibly helpful and meditative. Of course this isn't the case for everyone, but here's what I live off during my bouts: sweat an onion and a clove of garlic (sweat=cook over low heat with salt until the onion looks opalescent. Try to smile about the fact that you made onions look like opals). If you want, throw some hacked up bacon in there and let it cook along. I always do because bacon. Add a can of chopped tomatoes or passata and an equal amount of broth. (I just use the empty can as a measuring jug) Bring it to a simmer. Add some orzo and whatever spices you want, basil and oregano are my favorites. Check if it needs salt, grind some pepper onto there. (Or use the ground kind, the fact that you are even cooking right now is amazing, don't worry about being fancy with pepper) Stir every now and then, or just stare into the pot and let the spoon wander around while you cry. This should take ten minutes or so. Once the pasta is done, add some cream. Eat, preferably with someone you care about or in front of an episode of Doctor Who while considering that an internet stranger hopes you feel better soon.

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By Emby on Estate Jewelry: A Spider Miscellany

That's nothing, I must have like 20 of these:

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By highfivesforall on Ask a Jeweler

I just want to say thank you for this non-relationship advice column! I mentioned in the Jane-leaving thread that although I like the regular ones, especially AQC, I was missing ACP and AHF (A Handy Femme) and those types of advice columns - really more like "here are some facts you did not know" rather than "here is my opinion based on the 300 words you chose to tell us about your relationship". Not that I don't like them! They inspire really good conversations in the comments, but these other kinds of advice columns teach me more stuff - Druzy gems?? Amazing!

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By anachronistique on Ask a Jeweler

Who else spent a ton of time learning about minerals and gemstones after becoming a Sailor Moon fan? Just me?

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By LacunaKale on Unnecessary Quizzes

I got 9 right. I need to beef up on the cacao exchange rate. Around here, it's really more of direct deposit into my mouth system.

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By Emby on Leaving the Girl

@frenz.lo Change that to "About Cat Marnell" and we've arrived back at this article!

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By roaringkitten on Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

the items in my PurseN "classic makeup bag" (pursen.net -- it is an amazing little bag):
bare minerals balance & boost kit from this past xmas (peachy mineral veil w/retractable brush)
caudalie lip balm
hair pins - the goody "bobby slide" (it's a super strong version of a bobby pin for think wavy hair)
one gorgeous shimmery turquoise jaw clip from franceluxe.com
chanel rouge allure in captivante (new spring color)
bobbi brown lip gloss in twilight
MAC plushglass in big baby
maybelline lipstick in refined russet

fave beautyblogs: temptalia, musingsofamuse, and makeupandbeautyblog.
fave beauty youtubers: lisaeldridge and makeupgeek.

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By lookimadeahat on The Mother of Dragons Looks Into Day School Options

I can't stop picturing a glossy brochure with the school's one black kid, a kid in a wheelchair, and a baby dragon doing a science experiment under block letters: DIVERSITY.

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By Judith Slutler on The Award for Best Lipstick

@parallel-lines I immediately flashed onto an image of myself doing the same color value thing by wearing a mint green gown and turquoise lipstick. Do/don't?

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By theotherginger on The Hummuses of Brooklyn

@City_Dater yes. so much garlic in my homemade hummus. delicious.

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