On “Last Night I Drempt of Leo”: DiCaprio’s Oeuvre, Reviewed by a 15-Year-Old

This is so great. I swear that this could have been lifted from my own "notebooks." I never called them journals because it sounded like urinal and I never called them diary because it sounded like diarrhea. Seriously, that was my reasoning. I became too embarrassed by teenage me and ditched them all years ago. Sadly.

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On The To-Do List Pie

@cuminafterall Getting a front-loading washer a month ago changed my life on the hand-washing front. I always hand-washed all of my bras because they were too expensive to ruin in the shitty apartment washer. Then we bought a house and everything and now I'm not afraid to use the washer for all of the clothes. My bras are wonderfully clean and it takes way less effort on my part. Cold water and as gentle of a cycle as you can find should take care of a lot of your laundry. And, like @enic said, don't dry them in the dryer.

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On A Guide to Coachella FOMO

Not really that interested in Coachella, but I'm keeping those two gross bananas in my freezer to make chocolate banana pretend ice cream. It's pretty delicious and gives me some fruit servings. Now stay out of my kitchen and stop judging me!

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On Get This Look: McDonaldland

@fondue with cheddar Seeing this just made me forget what I was actually coming down here to say. I miss these so much! We had an indoor one that my grandparents used to take my brother and I to when we were little. But there was a tunnel to get into the "jail" part of his mouth and I used to just sit up there most of the tim because it was my favorite part. It also felt like it was at least five stories off of the ground to me.

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On The Nose Knows, For Now...

@SuperGogo I've never really had much of a sense of smell other than when I was pregnant. My mom doesn't either, but mine seems to be worse. I get the whole, "wow it must suck to not really be able to taste things then" whenever I bring it up. Ugh. If that was the case, I'd be skinny. Chocolate and cheese just taste so good. I honestly didn't really ever think much about it until a couple of media study classes that talked heavily about food experiences.
My selective sense of smell does, however, make pretty much all perfume just smell gross to me.

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On If at First You Don’t Conceive, Try, Try Again (and Don’t BD Until Your CM Is EW)

@pistolwhip Yes! Every single time I see that I want to get angry, but then feel bad that I started to get angry because thry did miscarry. But it's such a strange part of Internet culture. We are only on month two and I really hope that if things aren't working a year from now I don't turn into one of them.

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On Drinking Vinegar

@Bean Rua This wasn't directed at me, but that's what has mostly been holding me back. You may have inspired me to start. If not now, as soon as I close on my house where I'll have space for stuff.

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On Drinking Vinegar

@Ialdagorth I love vinegar too. I'd dump a bunch on lettuce and drink the rest like milk from cereal. I still find it tasty but I don't consume nearly as much and I don't drink it like I used to when I was younger.

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On PDP (Public Displays of Pain)

@Mariajoseh My dad passed away seven years ago, far too young (again, that whole cancer thing). I tend to do this every year on the anniversary of his passing. I don't disillusion myself with the belief that he sees my posts, but it somehow it makes it a little easier to deal with every year.

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