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one thing that probably other people have mentioned and who the hell reads the comments way down here anyway - girls, do not be afraid to message dudes! I got so many skeevy messages but not a lot of real ones. So I just emailed people I like. I've had a few successful relationships (both men and women - also OKCupid is one of the only sites that really seems to have a lot of bi people) including current. all were at my initiative.

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@clairedelune A/S/L ?

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@City_Dater also on eHarmony, you fill out the looong questionnaire, and at the end it asks if you're single, divorced or separated. If you check 'separated' it sends you to their marriage counseling site. No kidding. WTF

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@Allison Davis I met my soon to be husband on yahoo personals. We still don't tell people...we say we met through a mutual friend or met at a bar (our first date). I don't know, I think everyone does it, but no one talks about it.

I did it because I was tired of being single. My headline was "my grandma thinks I'm cool" (She does) and the instant I signed on the same guy kept popping up in my potential matches. My friends pressured me to just go out with him even though I thought he looked a little dorky (hey being honest) and finally did...I did almost bail though. I checked out his myspace - this was years ago and I was like....ummmm....but I went on the date. He had googly eyes from the second I met him and I knew he was into me. He tells me "I love you, I always have - from Braveheart and in that funny accent, and I believe him, because I could see it in his look (insert cheesy awwww here)

Anyway even though we don't tell most people, I've told a few close friends who are like "I'm done being single!" And I think you just have to do it, maybe try one or two sites, jump in, go on a date you might not expect to work out....you never know who you might meet.

So thats my success story for ya!

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We totally need a Hairpin dating site.

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