On A Rap Genius Interview

@Heat Signature Like when Joaquin Pheonix went kinda nuts and then everyone speculated that it was all an act? Or something?

Anyway I basically get the idea that this guy, despite acting pretty insufferable, might *actually* be quite normal? And this is all some gag to be this rap personality but in reality he's building this successful brand and website and rolling in it.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: The Gramophone

@amirite I SO hope you are my pin pal! Have been pretty bummed to have not gotten a response from mine!

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On Woof

Oh gosh. I am leaving my dog with someone for two weeks over Thanksgiving this year. He is leash trained but MUST be kept on a leash! I am terrified that something will happen to him.

Now I know how parents must feel, except probably even more so because it's a human. But I mean.. maybe not? Because I am a wreck.

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On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: The 1947 Wellesley Bulletin Edition

Y'all. I went to Ole Miss and this list sounds like half the girls in my sorority. Old South names are sooooo eccentrically old school.

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On Assumptions

@Hellcat Your bedroom view actually sounds kind of delightful.

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On Assumptions

@franceschances Oh my gosh, my dad. I swear I could be a Hollywood actress based solely on the fact that I can make myself cry just thinking about people being needlessly mean or picking on my sweet dad.

And he's totally not helpless! He's fine! He would probably be totally embarrased and maybe annoyed that I feel this way!

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On Assumptions

@zoe Those pictures are amazing! I can't believe I'm just now seeing them.

Whenever that happens- that I discover something really amazing/wonderful/beautiful/weird exists and has existed for some time without me knowing about it, I get so excited at all the things that exist that I don't know about yet! Sooo much excitement being created, all the time. It really is a wide wide world out there.

phew. talked myself in circles there but.. you get the point?

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On He's So Unusual

I feel like I just got a tiny peek into Jamie Lee Curtis' soul and I like what I see.

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On The Hairpin Halloween Advent Calendar: Halloween Confessions

@down the rabbit hole
LOVING picturing a 5 year old Mary and a 3 year old Joseph with a baby Jesus. Wherever those family photos are, you should find them and cherish them. Equal parts terrifying and adorable.

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On The Hairpin Halloween Advent Calendar: Halloween Confessions

@nonvolleyball YES! Exactly.

I mean, that anecdote basically sums up my entire childhood. For the longest time I hated it and just wanted to be like everyone else.

Then as I got older my brain must've actually started working or something because I was suddenly able to realize that being like everyone else is no fun at all.

So... thanks, weird parents!

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