On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

@Best pun ever. I was WAITING to see if someone mentioned COH. I now refuse to buy any other brand of jeans- they are really consistent with sizing, so I know I can always grab my size and they will fit without ever trying them on. I love the Ingrid style; even though they are technically "low waist" they come up almost to my belly button because I am petite with a shorter torso. My suggestion: try them on in a fancy store and figure out what style you like, then hit eBay. I've gotten several pairs there for $10-20! Also, higher-end, trendier consignment stores often have them for cheap.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Autumnal Cleaning Conundrums

@Inconceivable! As someone who has dripped a LOT of hair dye on her toilet seat (and walls and floor because I apparently fling that stuff around like MAD), bleach won't really do anything.... my 409 with bleach/Softscrub only ended up eating the coating of the toilet seat off. I ended up just buying a new toilet seat at Target- the ReStyle brand ones were on sale for $6. And now I drape everything with towels and move very slowly when I dye my hair.

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On Beauty Q&A: Mystifying Dress Codes & The Great Bra Hunt

@sceps yarx Isn't the Zoloft magical? I had the same experience... Zoloft + a good dermatologist has all but stopped my skin picking. Sometimes I'm still startled when I look in the mirror and there are no scabs on my face.

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On Beauty Q&A: Mystifying Dress Codes & The Great Bra Hunt

@NeverOddOrEven Obviously I like everything about that. It's not cheap, but I can get it on Amazon for around $20/bottle. It's totally worth it.

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On Beauty Q&A: Mystifying Dress Codes & The Great Bra Hunt

@Emmanuelle Cunt Nude fishnets! Choose a pair with the smallest diamond pattern they have, though, to keep them from looking too Fredericks-of-Hollywood-ish. They are wayyy better than nude hose or tights and the small pattern adds an interesting texture... plus they are still warm. I wear them in winter with cute shift minidresses and they are awesome and do not look at all skanky.

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On Beauty Q&A: Mystifying Dress Codes & The Great Bra Hunt

I have the lovely oily/dry combo skin as well, and am super prone to breakouts. I have also struggled with dermatillomaina (compulsive skin picking) my entire life, so for me, zits are especially problematic. I am also crazy fair skinned and finally realized that I need to wear sunscreen every day, but everything made me break out. Finally my dermatologist turned me on to Elta sunscreens- I use the 46 SPF one that's formulated for acne-prone skin. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I wear it every day religiously, and I swear my skin's condition has improved one thousand percent. Instead of a harsh cleanser, I recommend Aveeno's Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub. It's mild and exfoliates very lightly, which helps with my oily skin. Now that it's fall, also talk with your derm about a course of tetracycline (best to use in the fall/winter because it makes you sensitive to sunlight) or topical clindomycin to get all antibiotic on your zitty zits.

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On Kerry, What's in Your Closet?

@hotdog GIRL. Ditto. I am palepalepale and you can see the hair follicles on my legs and I get all prickly-pear if I get goosebumps like, 5 minutes after shaving. Sometimes I get goosebumps or a shiver in the shower and have to shave my legs twice because all the hair is like, "Oh, HAI we're back now." It's maddening. I want the lasers to take it all away but I am a poor grad student and my husband thinks there are better ways to spend $3k.

Nivea makes a good gradual-self-tanner that is also shave-minimizing, and that has been a godsend because once it is above 80, I cannot physically wear pants or I will die because it is so hot. It doesn't have a funky smell and the color is superlight, not orange.

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On Beauty Q&A: Caftans, Baby Gifts, and What Is Up With BB Creams?

@sniffadee: Sounds like you know your shape and the kind of clothes that work on you- that's awesome. Look at your current wardrobe: what items make you feel fantastic? What is it about those items- the cut, the length, the pattern, the fabric? Go shopping with that feeling in mind, and look for clothes that make you feel happy.

If you're highlighting your waist with the high-rise pants, look for cute short- or 3/4-sleeved blouses that can be tucked in or belted. A boatneck would accentuate your hourglass without being too revealing- classy and fashion forward! Consider a few sheath/shift dresses and get them taken in to show off your waist. Try and avoid "trendy" pieces in favor of more classic ones; you can always add great jewelry/accessories to update the look. Look into buying a few pairs of low-to-mid heels or wedges to be worn with cropped pants and dresses; the heel can help you really feel pulled-together.

And when you try on clothes, try not to expect everything to fit you perfectly. These things are mass produced by a company that has never. once. seen. your. body. If it fits perfectly, that's the exception, not the rule. I'd suggest earmarking some of your cash solely for good tailoring, and take your clothes to be "personalized." That way they will fit you perfectly and you'll feel so much better about your purchases!

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On Beauty Q&A: Caftans, Baby Gifts, and What Is Up With BB Creams?

@RK Fire: Anytime! If you like how a sheath looks, look for dresses that mimic those lines. For instance:

This one has a slight A-line, which is almost universally flattering:

Something with a pattern that draws the eye down helps to lengthen:

I realized that I just don't do well in clothes that aren't somewhat structured. That doesn't mean stiff or constricting, just tailored and having a shape. The greatest gift I gave myself was accepting that loose flowy jersey dresses are just Not My Thing and now I don't have to ever try them on again. Bonus: you can dress like a woman, not the teenage in the free people catalog :)

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On Beauty Q&A: Caftans, Baby Gifts, and What Is Up With BB Creams?

Oooh, maxi dresses are my jam, y'all.

I'm 5 foot, 113 lbs, with an hourglass figure. I have a little tummy and I like that. I can't stand pants in the summer and have slowly amassed a collection of maxi dresses in which I LIVE. Took me a while to figure out how to wear them without looking all stumpy and whatnot, and here's what I've come up with:

- If you don't like the way tissue tees show every bulge, stay away from jersey (the fabric, not the state. well, maybe the state). It can cling to unexpected places and look really unflattering, plus with regular wear it pills on your butt. Look for cotton, linen, or even thin rayon.
- What style of top is most flattering on you? For me, it's a halter neck, so I look for halter dresses- I can always throw on a sweater. Because I'm petite on top, those big dolman sleeves or blousy tops overpower me and contribute to the stump factor.
- Beware the empire waist. It works for some people, but those people are usually tall. Us shorties can get lost in the extra fabric, and generally benefit from a more defined waist. Belts are awesome- even loosely tying a fun scarf around the waist can do wonders.
- I find that I don't feel stumpy if i am wearing even a tiny (like 1/2-inch) heel. Sandals with low wedges are great- they give you just a bit of life and can make all the difference.

I feel like most of the maxi dresses marketed today are pretty shapeless, so i find a lot of my dresses on vintage websites and Etsy. Search for "halter maxi dress" or "v-neck maxi dress" and filter by price, color, etc. The measurements are usually listed so you can figure out what size you are, since vintage sizing is different from today's sizes. Sites like Rusty Zipper list their dresses by size range and have a great dress sale going on right now.

And accessories! fun earrings and a bangle look great with every dress, and giant-ass sunglasses are a must.

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