On The Hoarders Pie

100% scraps of any and all art supplies*

*anything from the tiniest, most unusably shaped fabric scraps to an entire shoebox full of toilet paper rolls to make pinterest crafts (who wants to hang toilet paper rolls on their wall) that manage to take up an entire closet of a 3 closet apartment

*and no, I don't teach children crafts for a living nor do I have any

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On Friday Open Thread

@celeec4@twitter After some weakening of my willpower, watching so many playthrough videos, and then some pretty rough stuff happening this week I decided I'm buying a 3DS and X this weekend. I'll come back and post here once I'm up and running!

Sylveon is the eevee evolution of my girlish 12 year old dreams and it SHALL BE MINE, bills be damned

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On What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose But what would happen with my body if I had her body? Can we find somewhere nice to put it? Can you recycle that kind of thing without it turning into a Law & Order episode?

Body disposal issues. That's my excuse.

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On A Revenge Scenario For Student Loan Borrowers

@TheMnemosyne this. Also, the author says "If you have even one single low period, especially in your twenties, your lenders will feed off of you for longer than you ever feared, and then some."

And then suggests that you do just that?

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On Friday Open Thread

@yeah-elle I love Halloween costumes, but I am so behind and haven't decided what I'm going to be yet because I'm not sure what I'm doing yet!

Here's what I'm kicking around:

Grimes in the Genesis video if I'm going to a hip party (this outfit if I'm feeling ambitious, this one if I'm feeling lazy)

The original winner from the movie version of Battle Royale if I'm going somewhere spooky

Or finally going as Princess Bubblegum or Lady Rainicorn for a party with kids, but I never pull this one off because I always get caught up in deciding which one I'd rather be and it never happens.

A bubble bath is a totally brilliant idea though, I love that!

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On Talking to Peggy Noe Stevens, the World's First Female Bourbon Master Taster

@aphrabean you sound awesome. No judgement here.

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On Talking to Peggy Noe Stevens, the World's First Female Bourbon Master Taster

I love that she is down with pairing with cheese and fruit and cocktails instead of very high-minded that the bourbon must not be tampered with, unlike the people at the local bourbon bar that give me death stares when I put a non-top shelf bourbon on ice. For Pappy I'll follow your rules, ok?

I got to go visit some of the Kentucky bourbon distilleries this summer and Woodford was both gorgeous and very welcoming (I stuck my head THIS CLOSE to the mash, guys) and I'm happy to see they have some awesome people working for them.

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On Grimes' Tour Rider: "If possible, one cute bulldog, french bulldog, pug or pomeranian to visit & hang out"

@DairyCat I really like this live recording of Circumambient - it's just amazing. I think her music videos are pretty great as well, just because they're very visual and bizarre. The more interviews & social media I watch/read from this young lady the more I like her and her music - she's smart and pragmatic when it comes to the industry but very much her own quirky self and willing to backtrack and call out her own faults, which is refreshing.

Also she's into Pokemon and Game of Thrones, so I like to think if we ever met we'd have a lot in common.

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On Friday Open Thread

@PomoFrannyGlass I got out of a relationship in college which I pined much, much too long for and kind of came to terms that I'd never be one of those "relationship" people and most likely would live my life alone. Didn't get my dream job out of college, moved back in with my mom, and started working out / working on projects I was interested in / living my own life and becoming a happier person, albeit slowly and kind of miserable at the time.

Started seeing a guy who eventually dumped me over gchat, but at least taught me that while a guy could be crazy, having someone buy you dinner and take you on actual dates was a thing that can and should happen, and a thing that I deserved.

About 3 days after being g-dumped my best lady friend took me out and got me drunk and we went dancing at the local seedy dance bar with the goal of "finding a guy to hit on me so I could yell at him", and that's where I met my current boyfriend. I picked him up by staring at his beautiful beard from across the room and smiling and saying "hi" all drooly Liz Lemon style.

He got my phone number and asked me on a date 2 days later. Best date of my life. And when I get mad about the day to day stuff that gets us down I think about that date and what would have happened if we hadn't met and how that's just an impossibility, because I could not have dreamed him up if I tried and we met when I was finally ready to meet him, and people still look at us disbelieving that we met at that awful, shitty pickup bar and we smile

(and god, that FUCKING BEARD, UNF)

and my totally amazing life partner emerged out of nowhere and blew my mind and made my heart beat and I know how feelings feel and they are even mutual feelings


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On Friday Open Thread

(Whoops, went to edit my comment and deleted it...)

Yay early FOT! I had a pretty good week, I had my review and even though I was nervous wreck it went pretty well and got a wee baby raise. It makes me feel better about the job situation and my confidence level here.

What's everybody being/doing for Halloween? Does anyone else spend as much time thinking and prepping? (I'm actually behind schedule this year, usually I've got things started by the middle of September, but I don't have any parties or plans this year so I'm dragging my feet.)

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