On "Now I understand completely. Winter gives me Old Testament vibes"

i keep on waiting to call bullshit on these--i used to think i was just doing it wrong. they make my eyes itch, they leave blue tracers in my peripheral vision, they are expensive, they take 20-30 minutes a day for no appreciable results. i call BS.

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On Adventures With Gym Man

i have to say, Mlle Hu, is it gratifying to see one's city--Montreal--name-checked and used as background in an austere publication like The Hairpin! :-) Je vous souhaite de la tres bonne chance avec votre amour discret au gym. <3

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On My Beauty Regimen

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Yes! Can I get a whoop whoop for Montreal? [Even though it sucks soo soo bad in the winter?]

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On If We Survive October We Can Have a Doomsday Sleepover Party in 2014

hang on folks. due to math, things can only suck so much before they get better. also: i both read Miller/give credence to astrology _and_ enjoyed the Penn & Teller 'Bullshit!' on it...

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On The Least Appealing Foods I’ve Eaten in Eight Years of Travel Writing

okay, i 150% believe everyone that says durian tastes nasty, but if so, why do people eat it? culturally or otherwise acquired taste?

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On Zinc and Liquor

how do you crazy kids 'season' them? i love lemon juice, tabasco, vodka, horseradish... or just lemon... there's also the mignonette [shallots, red wine vinegar, cracked pepper]

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On French Canada Doesn't Count

@litothela -- the law does NOT suppress protests; it forces people to give advance notice of their intention to do so, as in every other jurisdiction in the freaking world; L.A. requires like two weeks' notice!

@stuffisthings -- look at any of those protest crowds: fresh young well-fed white Quebecers. any African- or Caribbean-Canadians or Asian-Canadians for whatever reason do not seem to show up. Oh I know: perhaps they are at work saving for school?

@everyone: No one is being oppressed, although they would love you to think they are. The *worst* consequence of that law is protestors have to give advance notice, and it was ONLY passed because hooligans--who may or may not be students--were destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars in property weekly in wanky navel-gazing protests.

This "strike", the entire conflict, is unbelievably embarrassing for a province as rich as Quebec is. BTW, if you live anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard, part or all of your electricity is from our Hydro power.

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On French Canada Doesn't Count

Okay, see Mlle Mlle--that is total bee-ess. If you are able to tolerate complexity, real life events, and lack of melodrama in back-stories...:

i--White Person Problems!!! See http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/fighting+over+first+world+problems/6680720/story.html

ii--This was a group of protesting students upset about a 800$ tuition hike [only in Quebec, folks], until the opposition separatist party and the provincial trade unions exploited the students to their advantage. It is now a clusterfuck that has rendered all screamy idealists in Quebec voiceless and all pragmatic working class people near-suicidal.

iii--I'm saying it one more time. White people problems. embarrassing to the "cause". What about what is going on in Syria, or Uganda right now? sooo navel-gazing, selfish, spoiled, the "enfants rois" [child kings].

ugh. embarrassing and disgusting this reached The 'Pin. :-(

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