On The Worst Time Kris Jenner Taught Me To Make Pumpkin Bread


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On Snack Packaging Gonna Have to Get Real Cute For This One

Sky prawn was scary enough when I DIDN'T know what it meant.

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On The Bear's Approach to Winter: Pros and Cons

welp, i'm sold.

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On Stephen Hawking Published a Paper Claiming There Are No Black Holes

@MandaX Density is just mass divided by volume, so if the volume is zero or the mass is infinite, the density will be infinite

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On Missed Connection - m4m

@Rebecca Pederson@facebook
It was a funny and touching perspective to be made aware of, even though I have never been on a double-date and probably never will.

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On '90s Screensavers to Soothe Our Monday Brains

Maze and Pipes were my jam! I needed this today. :)

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On This Video Is Rated Unembeddable For Containing Both John Mayer and Katy Perry

Why this?

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On 917 People Who Are Hotter Than Benedict Cumberbatch

Oh my GOD, I did not know that ABBA was an acronym for their NAMES. 104 definitely sounds like a catch - hotter than an unhot actor and decisive.

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On I Am So Sorry You Probably Didn't Have An Orgasm That Time We Hooked Up

I'm so down with this, and anybody who wants to make my feet fall asleep during the sex. Holla

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On Important Octopus Facts

I prefer "octopodes."

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