By parallel-lines on Nom Nom Nom Crunch

I think I'm a little broken, evolutionary-wise. Every time I see a puppy or baby, I think, "I sure don't want to clean up your shit."

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By frigwiggin on Humblebrags About My Dog

Thank god there's no bragging about our cat. "Oh, Flat Tire? Yeah, she tore half the cover off the bottom of our boxspring and lives among the beams like a horror movie monster."

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Humblebrags About My Dog

"Oh, I know, people tell me he's cute all the time, and then suddenly they segue into talking about how dogs can sometimes look like their owners? I don't know what they're talking about." *hair flip*

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By madge on Flowers and Champagne: A Party Chat With Party-Thrower Julia Lake

every year i throw an eddie vedder's birthday party. flannel is suggested, but not required.

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By PistolPackinMama on Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

LW#1, I am so sorry. Depression fucking sucks, and survivors of depression are motherfucking heroes, in my book. Mental illness is hard.

I can understand not breaking up with someone because they have depression. But I CAN understand breaking up with someone for having depression... and refusing to do anything about it.

People don't choose to be depressed (oh god, no they don't), but eventually they do choose how they will cope with it. If it's a chronic thing, then refusing seeking help is denying that depression is going to be part of life forever. It also means a depressed person needs a set of tools to manage their depression as best they can.

Can you imagine your partner having unmanaged depression when you have a little baby in the house? How about when your mom or dad dies? When one of you loses a job? Can you do those things with the kind of help/support you would get from your BF when he's at his least functional? Can you imagine how working towards your own dreams and goals will work if your partner is not-functional with depression? How will it affect your moods and self esteem?

Sometimes admitting how bad things are/can be is a necessary step in finding a coping system. Refusing to deal with depression isn't doing that.

Living with depression is possible, but it does take committing to the fact that you can't do it on your own, and you can't expect to ride out the cycle every time it comes around without some other resources to help manage it.

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By professionalmess on Texts From the American Girls

@Is It a Hat? Right now I'm trying to imagine selling my American Girl and I think I would sob like a baby. Because I know that it cost so much more than a kid's doll ever should and we were poor and I remember my mom making me promise to take good care of her and brush her hair because all my Barbies had rat nests for hair. Ugh, feelings.

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By the roughest toughest frail on Texts From the American Girls

@Is It a Hat? I just unearthed my old American Girl toys and I have no idea what to do with them either. I'm debating selling them, but I don't know what the going rates for a tiny violin (with sheet music and rosin!) and Samantha's sailor dress are.

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By youresmalltime on Texts From the American Girls

Kirsten getting A Ghost texts from Marta, y/n?

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By rachelrachel on Texts From the American Girls


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By Amphora on The Mulholland Pie

Eating pie and talking backwards, while wearing sweatpants.

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