On Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2012

@chunk lite It's pH Comedy Theater in Chicago. We just opened up this fall! (Though we've been in existence for 10 years.) What's your wee group?

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On Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2012

@planforamiracle You can do it! There's still 2 weeks of 2012! You could at least Scotch-Guard your boots, so they don't get all sidewalk salty! http://www.amazon.com/3M-Scotchgard-Leather-Protector-7-Ounce/dp/B0083GNLHC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1355939443&sr=8-2&keywords=scotch+guard

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On Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2012

I have a "The Best Thing I Scotch-Guarded This Year" too! It's all the seats for the brand new comedy theater my improv group opened! Wheeee! 2012 FTW!

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On There's a New "Les Miz" Trailer

I am SO. TORN. About this movie. I was totally dreading it, but then I saw this behind-the-scenes thing about how all the music is recorded live during filming, and not ahead of time in the studio, which is pretty awesome.

Russell Crowe is gross. At life and and singing.

I may develop a Marius crush after this.

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Rome

@emb343 - si to gelato! By the time I left my week in Rome, I was fluent in Italian. "Fluent" means you know all the names of gelato flavors, right? Fragola! Limone! Baci! My favorite place was Giolitti. Sort of by the Pantheon, I think. So many flavors! Aaaaah! Rome!

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On I Was a Model in a Regency Jane Austen Fashion Show

@anachronistique NO WAY! I lived at 18 Northampton! Fall'00. I just heard it's not a residence for ASE anymore. Did you have Lizzie as a teacher? We worshipped her.

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On The Twenty-Sixth Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

Oh! Wayne and Emily! Love that their meeting is based on Wayne's obsession with carnie-revenge.

I always think that movie/TV musical sightreading is the weirdest level of suspending our disbelief. Why does it make any more sense that these people can glance at sheet music every minute or so and nail it than it does for everyone to just magically know every song?

Finally, as a child, I adored every one of Jeanne Crain's utterly bizarre dresses in this movie. So provocative yet demure! So impractical for riding a roller coaster! So colorful! Is that an enourmous bunch of cherries dangling from your jugs? Oh, they're on your hat too? Yes, please!

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On The Twenty-Fourth Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

@LinaLamont Note: That is NOT TO SAY that I don't love Julie Andrews with every fiber of my being. Because I do. Just wanted to clear that up...

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On The Twenty-Fourth Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

I'm slightly obsessed with the Richard Harris movie soundtrack. Specifically when Vanessa Redgrave goes, "And I suppose the autumn leaves fall into neat little piles?"

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On Friday Open Thread

@whateverlolawants The women you will wow!

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