On "Cream To Cream, Powder To Powder"

@Lucienne I have those too...I assumed that they aren't sharpen-able. I guess they want you to buy full-sized ones when they run out.

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On This Summer: Stop Buying $5 Iced Coffees

@Judith Slutler I tried it for the first time today, and I was surprised by how good it was. Definitely tasted better than regular, I thought. My concentrate came out kind of weak though so I need to make it stronger next time (maybe a coarser ground?), as it was I pretty much drank the concentrate with a splash of almond milk.

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Food Allergies

Two hundred comments and no one has mentioned the episode of Freaks and Geeks where Alan puts peanuts in Bill's sandwich?! One of my favorite scenes is where Alan rides up on his bike at the end of the episode but can't bring himself to admit he wants to go to the sci-fi convention with them. Also, "I don't like sci-fi...I love love love it!"

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On Wheating, for a Girl Like You

@fondue with cheddar I get something like that! For me, it is worst with pancakes. But also muffins, donuts, cake-y things. People think I'm crazy because I don't like pancakes but they make my mouth uncomfortable.

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@cmchammer I have used the Monistat and it is not comfortable if it gets in your eyes. It definitely works as a regular primer but I probably wouldn't use it as an eyeshadow primer. It also makes me breakout...but most things do :-/

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On Be the Change, Jerks

@SarcasticFringehead mine is like that too. I don't understand it. He can't get out the door in less than 10 minutes. Sometimes I'll listen to him make plans and say "I have to do x, y,z first so I'll meet you at 7" and I have to shake my head because there is no way he can physically do all those things and still get where he is going by 7. It is very frustrating to me.

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On Drynuary: What and Why

@AmeliaBadelia Yay! I am interested to see if I lose any weight and also if my skin improves. I tend to have acne and it seems like giving up the sauce should improve it? I guess I'll find out. I'm already making a list of projects to do to keep busy.

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On Drynuary: What and Why

So glad there are so many doing this. My mister is not on board so I'll have to rely on the 'Pin for support. I can do it!

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On Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

The pup we had in mind was already adopted when we got to the animal shelter, but there were a few other ones available. Two sisters were curled up in a ball together napping. They looked identical, but one had a white paw. We chose the sweet little baby with the white paw and brought her home. A week later, we went to puppy play group to socialize her and lo and behold, her twin sister was there too! She had been adopted the day after by someone who lives down the road from us. They recognized each other immediately and proceeded to ignore every other puppy for the next hour, just playing with one another.

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On Everyone Struggling to Drink Water

@Daisy Razor Yep. I work for a water utility...I love the taste of our water, but we never win the competitions. Ground water tastes better than surface water, apparently.

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