On Memories of Austen and "Pride and Prejudice"

@Ellie Seems to me the happiest Austen heroines the ones who marry the richest guys. Yes, everyone wants romance. But Austen´s point is that romance turns sour real quick when there is no money. Lack of money is really Wickham´s greatest fault, he lives above his means. And isn´t the best part about marrying Darcy to get to live in that big fancy house, even to a modern reader? And when Jane is proposed to by Bingley, she expresses the greatest joy in being of use to her family, that is, to provide for her sisters. Money is most important, and personal happiness in romantic terms, way second.

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On Memories of Austen and "Pride and Prejudice"

I´m an ardent admirerer of the esteemed Miss Austen, but honestly, I have never understood why her novels are considered romances. Sure, it´s all about finding someone to marry, but if anything, she warns against being carried off by one´s emotions. To me, it´s witty and humorous and highly sarcastic.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Gloria Swanson Saga, Part Two

Her skin may be amazing at 71, but the way she is dressed, the way she moves, the way she talks... I just can´t wrap my head around her, she is so stellar. It´s how she looks totally COMFORTABLE, I think. I want to be like that.

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On Interview With a Fake Nobel Prize, Conducted by a Jar of Nutella

They deserve each other.

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On The Instructions Needed to Build an Ikea Bookshelf

Shopping with my mum in the 70´s, particularly at IKEA, totally traumatized my childhood and I refused to go there for years, until last summer, when my 92-year old mother-in-law wanted to go and needed assistance. I love her and I went. What a honey-trap those places are! We came home with all kinds of stuff that magically attached itself to us as we walked through. Never again.

The meatballs are ok, though.

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On Hair and Morality

"Do you mean like, you worry about karma? Or cosmic payback? You may be participating in the cosmic payback to someone else, it's tough to know just where the universe is coming from most of the time."

I will post this on my fridge. Love this Dude. May not agree on the hair thing, but whatever. He is cool.

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On How to Live Practically Forever

I love reading about old, resilient people. My mother-in-law is 92 and we are the only relatives in town, so I look in on her several times a week. (She had my husband when she was 42, we´re not as old as one would think.) Can´t really think of her as old and badass, though, (she is, of course) she is so young at heart that I think of her more like a little sister, actually. It´s like she has remained 25 all her life, whereas I was born 40. I think being interested in life is the key, and if life makes you happy or angry is perhaps not as important to long life.

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On Unforgiven

@ReginaSavage You rarely go wrong with a Swede, politically. Even our craziest right-wingers would seem positively communist by your standards, I assure you.

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On "Every Girl's Guide to Overcoming the Wear and Tear of Travel"

As a sufferer from asthma this girl is like my nightmare travel companion. Why would anyone spray the back of their knees with deodorant? She is cute, though.

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Do You Go, Girl?

@Jinxie In Swedish the word fart means speed. English speaking people are forever amused at road signs saying "FART KONTROLL" (=speed cameras ahead).

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