On Remembering Lilith: Jewel

@Nicole Cliffe Coke Machine Glow! Oi. That book. It's currently sitting somewhere deep in my parents basement alongside a copy of "Have Not Been The Same: The Canrock Renaissance 1985-1995". Because I wanted nothing more than to grow up to be a soft-spoken Canadian poet with an electric guitar.

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On Lemon Cookies With Bubblegum Vodka Glaze

i used to work in a bar where all the patrons loved bubblegum vodka shots. loved them. any time someone ordered a round it was like a cork had been popped. everyone had to have one (or two, or four). the sugar was worse than the vodka for hangovers. we used vodka shaken with bubblegum syrup, though - i didn't know bubblegum vodka actually existed.

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@SarahP i was more-or-less fine until i read that line. ira glass! ignition remix! aaaah.

that wedding looks like it was too much fun. congratulations!

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On MTV Day

@charmcity Beethoven Lives Upstairs! I still cringe when remembering how excited I was that I owned a Beethoven movie when my bigger cousins were talking about them... Only to be shunned when I brought it over and it turned out they had been talking about Beethoven the dog.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School — Hard Water, Soft Fabric, and Babies, Oh My!

not the same Berlin girl, but just wanted to chime in with kaiser natron! for all your baking soda needs and fun old-timey packaging to boot. i've given up on european baking, though. it's just not the same.

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