On On the Brain-Dead Texas Woman Being Kept Alive to Gestate a Fetus

@City_Dater And I'm confused about legal custody, too; will the husband or parents automatically have to take on this child they did not ask for?

This is so heartbreaking.

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On Have You Instagrammed the Weather Yet?

@LilyB Wow, thank you - that was super-riveting indeed.

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On Ridden By the Hag: My Sleep Paralysis Visitors

I've only experienced sleep paralysis a handful of times, and thankfully I knew of its existence beforehand so I could reassure my freaking-out brain that it would pass. I didn't experience any visions - in fact I couldn't open my eyes, or do anything but listen to the sounds of the awakening household and wait to be able to move my limbs.

The hallucination aspect is so interesting (though it sounds utterly terrifying, of course). It's like our brains try to make sense of what's happening, so they invents a man sitting on you to explain the immobility and pressure, or whatever? It's like how whenever I experience a hypnic jerk, in my dreams I'm tripping over a curb or I've missed a step on the stairs, which explain that shock of adrenaline...sleep science is fascinating!

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On Do You Suffer From Nomophobia? Probably.

My phone broke last week and it was hard not to panic that I was "missing out," or worry that I somehow wouldn't be able to find the friends I was meeting for dinner.

Side note, I'm still mourning the fact that technology is evolving faster than manners norms, so many friends apparently believe it's perfectly fine to whip out their phone and text, scroll through Facebook, et al while eating dinner with me. Note to world, this is not polite in my book! :(

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On Siri, Direct Me to Joaquin Phoenix's Heart

@pinniped http://vimeo.com/61215171 For anyone interested in checking out the awesome British techology-dystopia-ish-ness. :)

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On Siri, Direct Me to Joaquin Phoenix's Heart

This instantly reminded me of an episode of Black Mirror - the first one of series 2, I believe.

I highly recommend that show. My favorites are Season 1 Eps 2 and 3 (Jessica Findlay Brown!). Bleak but awesome stuff.

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@polka dots vs stripes It's confusing! One time a friend whispered to me that sex was actually the same as "sleeping together." I'd already had the sex talk, but I trusted my friend more than my parents (?) and relievedly thought "oh, they just had a SLUMBER PARTY!" every time I saw a tabloid about celebrities shagging each other.

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@Sharone@twitter Dollhouse Murders! Sooo creepy, and so was the movie.

I loved historical fiction / biographies too...did you ever read those "Dear America" books?

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@pinniped Oh! And the Alice books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor!

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

Also, a story about Anastasia Krupnik: We read it in elementary school. Our teacher whited out the word "shit" in every single copy. Of course, I picked off the white out, and then had to look the word up in the dictionary to find out what it meant (upon which I didn't understand what the big deal was; she'd basically just said "crock of poop"?). I was a cool kid.

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