On How to Behave on Your Online Date: A Bartender’s Perspective

how about you shut up and pour my drink

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On If SkyMall Did Gift Registries

this gives me faith in humanity once again. that GLEN is soooo handsome

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On A Month Alone In: India

i just really loved this. I love to travel and spend time alone but sometimes you feel very overwhelmed in a busy ( or quiet) place all alone. Its a melancholy feeling that really helps you sort out a lot of issues

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On Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

@polka dots vs stripes you dont go to the bathroom? thats when i usally look in the mirror to make sure its all copacetic and brush my hair or whatever.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

would scarlett consider me a virgin if i have had penis in vagina sex but not anal?

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On What Do You Wear Around the House?

as soon as i get home,be it for an hour or for the night, i immediately change into sweats and a tshirt. i love my clothes and i cant justify hanging on my couch in jeans or a dress ( so uncomfy) it keeps them looking new and i can relax better.

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On Up in Smoke

wow what a fascinating mystery. ive never heard of it before but i got goosebumps reading that. real life is often more crazy than anyone can imagine

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On Recipes

@werewolfbarmitzvah i think it was the cheese in the pic

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On Scientology and Me, Part Two: What Scientologists Actually Believe

@graffin did you wear fedoras during that horrible loud mouthed atheist time?

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On The Sweater

she walks in, then in the dressing room she spys the cardigan discarded by another customer.....BAM back tittys!!

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