By stuffisthings on Interview With My Mom, One Who Stayed Home

Awesome mom.

My mom stayed at home when I was younger but eventually went back to school and finally finished her degree online around the same time I finished mine. We had a joint graduation party!

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By Linette on Interview With My Mom, One Who Stayed Home

Your mom. Seems. Awesome.

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By iceberg on Great Art in Ugly Rooms

"these rooms aren't that ugly"
"i weish I knew more about art because I'm not even sure where the art is in half of these"

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By Mila on The To Do List: Aubrey Plaza Remembers the '90s

I was in high school in this era, and this feels completely off. Like, the running man? We did that in 1989-90 (when I was in junior high. This is what I associate with junior high dances forever. I like to imagine this is what kids are still doing at junior high dances, because it absolutely fits the mood of those awkward events). The overall on hip hop dudes thing, wasn't that a little earlier too? 91-92? "Fucktard"? No. Did not say. Even like cadence of their "teen speak" doesn't seem era appropriate. Also, this was like the height of the AIDS epidemic, I wonder if they will address that at all. Some elements of this movie seem more late 80s, others more late 90s, but nothing really seems 1993 (that was like, the start of the grunge thing and all).

Also, as to the actual plot of this movie, I don't care how awkward and weird you are, it is pretty easy to get dudes to hook up with you, especially if you look like Aubrey Plaza. They might not call you the next day, but they won't say no to your overtures.

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By notandersoncooper on The To Do List: Aubrey Plaza Remembers the '90s

Great. 30 year-olds playing teenagers.

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By largemarge on The To Do List: Aubrey Plaza Remembers the '90s

@lizard agreed. I didn't crack a single smile.

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By Olivia2.0 on Get This Look: Sandwiches

@pennylaner My boss (an older gentleman) has never batted an eye (other than saying I look nice at a very formal event occasionally) about my appearance; ombre hair, bright red hair, shocking pink lip, black nails, never got any reaction, until one day I wore like, baby blue nail polish. I was pointing to a spreadsheet and he literally shrieked and pointed at my hand yelling "WHAT'S THAT". It was hilarious.

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By faustbanana on What Do You Wear Around the House?

@JessicaLovejoy It's especially hot when the rubber bands still have hairs attached to them *fans self*

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By Misselthwaite on 11 Facts About Victoria Grayson's Calligraphy-Covered Fabric Throne

Her decorator got it on sale at Homegoods.

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By questingbeast on Up in Smoke

@questingbeast Oh my Christ, this one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Dunbar

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