On Ask a Psychic

How can I contact her ?

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On Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

@wallsdonotfall a lot of non rich people have cars. Why do you think only rich people drive?

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On Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

This is the best thing I have ever read on the internet. Seriously.

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On Interview With My Mom, One Who Stayed Home

@hotdog you cant really disagree with an interview? i mean its her life. you can not understand it or think she is weird or mean but its just her life and her experiences.

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On George Saunders to the Class of 2013: "Err in the Direction of Kindness"

@polka dots vs stripes one of the simplest statements i heard about the trayvon case really stuck with me. i think it was a preist. he said " i want to live in a world where zimmerman saw trayvon walking and offered him a ride home." such a small thing but kind

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On Gaby Hoffmann's Crystal Fairy

im not a fan of cera or quirky indie movies but this looks so light and fun and visually interesting. perfect for a hot summer afternoon. i wish i wasnt pregnant so i could get high before. ill have to settle for some popcorn

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On The "Freaky New Freedom" of High School Fashion in 1969

these are great! these girls look a lot more pulled together than I ever did in high school. This is inspiring me to take more time and creativity getting dressed this morning. love the colors

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On Minor Airplane Tragedies

@laurel but its his daughter! hes excited! let the man live

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On You Are Entitled to One Hour, Six Minutes, and 48 Seconds of Comfort

@TheLetterL that would be so nice if some sturdy man type gave up his seat for me wearing heels. i am pregnant and no one does. they just stare

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On The To Do List: Aubrey Plaza Remembers the '90s

this looks awful. i got bored watching the trailer.

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