Ceci Bastida Featuring Rye Rye, "Have You Heard?"

You may not have heard of Los Angeles-based pop singer Ceci Bastida, but she has been in the game since the age of 15, when she joined ska punk band Tijuana No!, which early on included pop star Julieta Venegas. Bastida later left Tijuana No! to form part of Venegas’ band, and now she’s making it on her own. Last year, she joined Venegas for a U.S. tour and was nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Cuando Vuelvas a Caer,” from her debut solo album. This week she released one of her more socio-politically minded songs, “Have You Heard?” READ MORE

Friends, "I'm His Girl"

I’ve been crushing majorly on the Brooklyn band Friends ever since their video for “Friend Crush.” They make music that sounds kind of like Lykke Li circa Youth Novels, but a little dreamier and with a bit of a disco edge. Now they’ve released the video for their funky pop number, “I’m His Girl,” and I think it’s full-fledged love. I mean, that bass line alone! But, also, this is the best song about healthy relationships that has ever been recorded. Samantha Urbani not only looks fly in this video, she delivers some serious wisdom. Wisdom like knowing that your worth doesn't depend on your relationship status and that relationships are not about possession. Even if she’s his girl, she does exactly what she wants when she’s with him and when she’s not. And she doesn’t get jealous when he goes out, because trust! It’s important! No matter how into each other they are, they both need room to breathe. I kept saying, "preach, girl, preach," as I watched this video. Urbani needs to be our next Lady, because this is basically all the great relationship advice that you’ve ever gotten in song form. And everything is better in song. READ MORE

I Really Want Ximena Sariñana to Make It

Though non-Shakira acts have had difficulty making the Spanish to English transition, and though her name looks impossible to pronounce (it even trips me up sometimes), Ximena Sariñana has the potential to really make it. She's already been noticed by the likes of Rolling Stone, Vogue, and E! and is currently on tour with Sia and Oh Land. Plus, her music is really pleasant. I know "pleasant" doesn't sound like the greatest endorsement, but hear me out on this one. In the absence of the Vanessa Carltons and Michelle Branches that we had back in the day, there's a space for Sariñana to fill, the one for artists who make sweet and simple pop music that white chicks will sing along to in their convertibles — but Sariñana also has the power to widen that audience because she already has a loyal Latin American following. READ MORE

Selena Gomez, "Whiplash"

I know it’s totally not cool for a woman to hold a grudge against a teenager, but I’ll admit that I had a more than tiny one against Selena Gomez until very recently. Before you judge me, let me explain myself. I had valid reasons for my distaste, I swear! One, Gomez is the reason that I can no longer Google the Real Selena by just typing “Selena” in the search box, and that is deeply offensive to me. Two, she was the star of a TV show that was a blatant ripoff of Harry Potter. Girl messed with two things that are very dear to me. Not to mention, she was all kinds of wrong for the role of Beezus, am I right? READ MORE

The Super Period Fun Time Uterus Piñata

That time of the month is usually just a nuisance that we women deal with because we have to, and because we're not whiny little babies like men are. But sometimes it's the express train to Crampsville in Too Many Emotions Land and we just want to punch something really hard or maybe yell at someone for saying "good morning" too cheerfully. It's times like these that make us curse our lady parts and wish we didn't have all that complicated tubery going on down there. Finally, someone understands our frustration and has the perfect short-term solution: the Super Period Fun Time Uterus Piñata, available on Etsy (of course). Yes, it's a piñata in the form of a uterus, only bigger! READ MORE

All My Strut Songs Are Sung by Children

Once in the not so distant past Beyoncé and Lady Gaga were my go-to ladies when I needed to own the sidewalk. If “Video Phone” was blaring from my headphones, it was a sign to get out of my way. Recently, however, my tastes have taken a decidedly juvenile turn. My last strut song was Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair," but that's a total jam, so it was kind of inevitable. Before “Whip My Hair” I was strutting to “Can’t Be Tamed” by Miley Cyrus, which, to be fair, was Miley’s adult debut but doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been a fan of hers since the Hannah Montana days. But now, now I’m strutting to “Pink and Purple,” 10-year-old Lyrikkal’s take on Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow," and it is amazing. READ MORE