On But Does the Dog Die?

@Smallison I received Titanic on VHS for christmas one year and it was split into two videos because it was so long. I would watch the love story first half and never get around to watching the sinking and sadness second half.

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On And the World's Top 10 New Species Are...

I think the glowing cockroach is just EVE from Wall-E. Right?

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On Get This Look: Board Games

@mermaid I'm gonna go with metal file in a fruitcake

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On New Music: The National, Daft Punk (Not-New Music: Say Lou Lou)

@hallelujah The link over here at Spin seems to be working. http://www.spin.com/articles/the-national-trouble-will-find-me-album-stream/

Just click on "iTunes" in the article.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Katzen-party Also, this guide was super nice to have! http://www.designsponge.com/2013/03/dublin-design-guide.html

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On Friday Open Thread

@Katzen-party I thought the Guinness Brewery was a bit silly, but also a little bit fun? It's not a real working brewery, so it's not like you're actually seeing them make anything. It's a self guided tour, a little Disney-esque, but at the end you get a free beer and a 360º view of Dublin. (Assuming it's not cloudy and raining out, which... it's Dublin, so chances are good it's gonna be at least a little cloudy.)

I say skip it if you feel like you have other things you would rather do, but if you have the extra time it's sort of fun!

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On Cold Crayfish, Reindeer Burritos

@christonacracker Yes! When I studied abroad in Copenhagen, the pølsevogn (sausage wagon, hah) were parked outside on the streets all summer long. I'm a vegetarian, but all of my friends agreed it was pretty much the best. Especially after a round of drinking.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%B8d_p%C3%B8lse looks like toppings and condiments may vary depending on which country you are in.

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On Olive Oil for Breakfast and Ever

@leon s I think I remember you live in Brooklyn? If I am wrong feel free to ignore this, but http://olivebrooklyn.com/ in Williamsburg is pretty great. It's definitely 'fancy,' but the prices weren't quite as bad as I was expecting for WBurg and the staff is pretty helpful. You can try any of their oils before you buy.

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher YES thank you

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

@par_parenthese I tried really hard to reply with a picture of the Dowager Countess sipping tea, but my html skills failed. You will all just have to imagine it.

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