On Man Quits Internet: Goodbye, Hugo Schwyzer

You MUST read his good bye part 2 on his website.

1. LOL @ goodbye part 2
2. He somehow feels like now is a good time to re-tell the tale of attempting to kill his girlfriend. By which I mean he wrote a borderline porn story about attempting to kill his girlfriend. The level of (truly unnecessary) sexual detail and purple prose is unbelievable.

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On Man Quits Internet: Goodbye, Hugo Schwyzer

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On Sex and the Dystopia

While I agree that I think the show gets a lot of flak simply for being so women-centered I also think the show was on a whole not very good. I think the show started off fun and different but after the first two (maybe 3) seasons it had made it's deal with the devil (ie the worship of consumerism above all else) and that's BEFORE the final season's descent into blatant emotionally manipulative schmaltz. Lazy. And don't get me started on Samantha's terrible one liners. Woof.

Like anything else, we can have nuance when we discuss this show. It was very of it's time, it could be fun to watch, it wasn't Great Art. But then why should it have to be?

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On "Attractive undressing technique is here being demonstrated by June St. Clair, of the Allen Gilbert School of Undressing"

I like that the Goofus of the piece is also making ugly faces while she undresses. Seriously though, stripping was weird in the 30s.

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On Guyville, Explained

This is one of my favorite albums. It is so insanely good. Not just the lyrics, the MUSIC she wrote is just leaps and bounds in front of similar artists of the era. It sounds so contemporary still.

That being said the idea of reading the oral history is completely unappealing to me. I don't need the backstory. I'm cool just listening to the album. But do you if that's your thing.

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On I Got Me a Man Named "Doctor Feelgood"

I seem to remember in a biography of Edie Sedgwick that she got the shots as well (as well as other factory members). That's what I thought of last night.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@RosemaryF This is exactly the sort of narrative that ruin porn reinforces. There is a lot of crime in Detroit and there is a persistent problem with residents receiving city services. However it's not "Mad Max." There are people who live and work in Detroit just like any other city, it's a major city that operates every day on a national level. There are THREE hugely money making sports franchises based out of Detroit. It is not Mad Max. It is not The Crow. etc.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@Nicole Cliffe Right. And I could write and write and write about Detroit and possible reasons "what happened" to it and also why it's become THE national punching bag when comparable rust belt cities exist (Flint, Youngstown Ohio, etc)which I think has to do with how far it had to fall.

But honestly most people just want to see a picture of an abandoned building and a vacant lot and some graffiti contemplate "the America Apocalypse" because...deep.

Detroit is just like, a living breathing talking point that can be shoehorned into any political discussion to help make your point.

Anti-capitalist? Detroit is the logical end result to pursuing profit at the expense of the worker.

Anti-Union? The unions destroyed Detroit

Environmentalist? Detroit is the ugly end result of industrialization and/or Detroit is the hope for the future vis a vis urban farming.

For Rachel Shtier it's apparently a cudgel used to scare denizens of Chicago and also gin up outrage like a garden variety internet troll.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

Chicago is not even close to being "Detroit."

It is 100% acceptable (in the popular conscience, it bothers me to no end) to talk shit about Detroit.

There are angry journalists and people who love Detroit and not just for it's "picturesque" ruin porn, however they are the people that the rest of the nation doesn't really care to listen to.

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On Marriage, 2013

@hallelujah Really? I always got a bigger return when I was single.

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