By han on How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

Your writing is really beautiful, and I feel for you. I have a tendency to 'nest,' as my mom calls it, though I've so far limited it to splurging on the fancier hand soaps at Target.

But I also couldn't help yelling in my head, halfway through this piece, OH MY GOD JUST GET A CAT!!

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By E. Lazarus on How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

It's written decently and surely nothing I'm about to say is in conflict with what the author is aware of but man-oh-man does it bring tears to my eyes to read this while thinking about the 90k in loans that I have, in spite of going weeks at a time subsisting on next to nothing in terms of food in a shared room in SF. I paid $650 a month to rent a bedroom here and barricaded my door at night to keep the cocaine addict in the adjacent room from coming in and harassing me.

I just can't even picture a life you're describing, even as a fellow writer with an overly romantic view of the world.

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By 52253024@twitter on Man Quits Internet: Goodbye, Hugo Schwyzer

The linked Atlantic thing is a parody of a first high school short story, right?

"On our first date, we went to see La Cage aux Folles with German subtitles; on our second, we went skinny-dipping in the Old Danube; on our third, we smoked hash, listened to the Sex Pistols, and read Paul Celan aloud with her friends from an anarchist youth collective."

Oh, gawd.

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By Brad Paisley on One-Page Screenplays: "The Accidental Racist"

Hey guys, I'm really sorry about how many people didn't like my song. I didn't anticipate that at all. Sort of a meta-accident, really. Again, wow, sorry.

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By NeverOddOrEven on Jim Behrle Wants to Know

A crate of comic books and shelf of figurines is silly, but next to an eames chair it's hot, you know?

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By kapitalk on The New SAHM

Who could doubt the soundness of this article's analysis of feminism, which displays such high-calibre writing as, "Now Kelly is 33, and if dreams were winds, you might say that hers have shifted."

Alternately: "Now Kelly is 33, and if dreams were winds, you might say that she's broken a few here and there."

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By Cawendaw on The New SAHM

False dichotomy, anyone? "Makino, unlike all those working women who we didn't profile, loves her children and her family."

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By j-i-a on The New SAHM

Guys, I think this article brought up some really new and provocative ideas--I actually wrote a follow-up piece that I hope you'll consider checking out here

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By Miss Maszkerádi on Welcome, xoVain

@bluebears Especially when most of the comments on most of the articles are all "WELL I'M SORRY THAT I"M NOT AS PRIVILEGED AS YOU YOU IGNORANT TOOL OF THE PATRIARCHY." Like, we're going to contort ourselves into rhetorical pretzels apologizing for every possible kind of privilege except having enough money to blow sixty bucks on a fucking lipstick.

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By MilesofMountains on Welcome, xoVain

"Perfume is lame so I'm going to lather on really strongly scented beauty products created by the exact same people who mix the perfume because that's not like wearing perfume at all, the way those lame sorority girls and finance bros do."

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