On The Sexual History of Jared Sabbagh, Part 3

@j-i-a I totally believe that he should have access to healthcare and the meds he needs to stay healthy, no matter the reason that he got sick and how much he pays to taxes. I'm bothered by it, but I understand it.

I guess my perspective is I work my butt off everyday at work, at home, my community, etc. and I'm exhausted. I can't even imagine having the time and energy to still be looking for new sexual partners when I struggle to stay away until 10:00pm. I'm at a different place in my life than he is and I need to learn to see another view point.

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On The Sexual History of Jared Sabbagh, Part 3

@lethaltuesday Yes, this totally bothered me. He's in the situation now, there's no going back and he needs the meds. I get that. But it bothered me nonetheless. He's a student, right? So I don't think he pays taxes. His whole sex, sex, sex attitude bothers me. How much time does he spend having sex??? Honestly! Study for your math test. Help out your neighbor. Work hard at your job. Visit your grandma. Make someone's day a little brighter. There are a million things you can do to contribute to society other than constantly looking for yet another random sex partner.

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On The Sexual History of Jared Sabbagh, Part 3

This whole thing devastated and terrified me. I'm coming from the Mom Perspective here. If my son was having sex with hundreds of strangers and got HIV??? No no no!! Just when I'm thinking the 11 year old is ready for more independence I read this and immediately tighten the reigns.

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On A Girl's Education in Little House in the Big Woods

True story. I read aloud "Charlotte's Web" to my kids two summers ago and it went great. So next I started "Little House in the Big Woods". The problem? Charlotte's Web is all about saving Wilbur and the first chapter of Little House in the Big Woods is all about slaughtering a pig and the great things you can do with the bladder, the tail, and headcheese. Whoops!

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On Sugared Ice and Underwear Balconies: Arthur Miller on City Life Before Air Conditioning

I'm working summer school in So Cal. The classrooms have air conditioning, the small rooms for extra services (I'm a speech/language pathologist) do not. I have to shut the outside door when the "runners" come to speech to prevent me chasing them across the playground. I'm now considering bringing a bowl of ice from home and setting it up infront of a fan because that sounds like a dandy idea right now.

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On Where Do Payphones Go When They Die?

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On Interview With an International Adoptee

I wanted to chime in and say it is so super hard to teach kids not to say "real mom" when referring to birth moms as opposed to adoptive moms. I have four kids and 3/7 of their cousins are adopted. We have always been very open and honest about all their questions and I was giving myself pats on the back, etc. But then just yesterday the nine year old was watching "Twitches" on the Disney Channel and explaining the plot to the five year old about the twin sisters from the enchanted land who were adopted and then found their "real mom" (the queen of the enchanted land) blah blah blah. And I had to have yet another discussion of the adopted mom IS the real mom etc., etc.

It's really hard to get that concept across to kids. You have to talk about it over and over and over.

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On Thoughts Upon Receiving a Ludicrously Enormous Tip

Another couple once asked us, "How do you eat out with four kids?" Eat fast and leave a big tip.

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On A Life in Celebrity Encounters

@Katzen-party I know!!! It was before he had had tons of plastic surgery. He was just chillin' at the zoo. I said, "Mom! Mom! It's Michael Jackson!" He was not surrounded by an entourage so that's why she didn't believe me.

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On A Life in Celebrity Encounters

Michael Jackson at the LA Zoo when I was about 9 or 10, my mom didn't believe me until she saw on the news that he was there.
Meredith Baxtor when I worked at Knott's Berry Farm.
Michael Vartan from the Alias. Going to say "Hi" until I saw that he was upset over a parking ticket and changed my mind.
The guy who played Baby Face Nelson in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" at an Angels game. Said "Hi"
John Goodman walking down the street.
Louie Anderson in the security line at the airport.
Meredith from The Office at a Charles Phoenix slide show. I said, "Hey, lady from The Office" to her. Why, why why???
I no longer try to say "Hi".

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