On The Wedding Photographer

"Oh, Gary, I'm so glad we made sure our photographer knew to take many dozens of photos of my shoes in a dusty sunbeam, and our rings balanced on a single blade of grass, and really committed to including a lens flare in every single image no matter what."

"Yes, Elaine, thank goodness we don't have one of those weird, non-artsy wedding albums full of pictures of our family and friends."

"Truly the best multi-thousand-dollar purchase of our married life!"


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On "The Grind"

I like this a lot. Although it took me two reads to realize it rhymed...wooo Friday brain.

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On This Week's Top Three Lists

@Beatrix Kiddo I'm going to make that side chignon work, if it's the last thing I do!!!!

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On Man Has Questing Spirit and Hairless Arms

@MilesofMountains Yeah, man...I have read Red Mars and we all know how THAT turned out.

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On Grateful for Coworkers, Even Eric

Last week, I helped one of my coworkers with something - extremely simple, that took maybe 5 seconds, but she'd never done it before and was swamped and didn't have time to figure it out - and she brought me flowers the next day to say thanks (in addition to actually saying thanks)! It was very sweet and unexpected.

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On What It Sounds Like Your Coworker's Eating: A Gchat Log

@blueblazes I am a slurper. :( I also eat apples at work. Oh, god, I think I might be the Eric...!

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On What It Sounds Like Your Coworker's Eating: A Gchat Log

@RNL ...what is happening in your userpic? It looks like Barbie had a baby with a unicorn. I MUST KNOW!

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Ronald Reagan Plays the President

@lagreen Right?! It looks like his nipples have been edited out.

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On I Dreamed of Being a Plus-Sized J.C. Penney Catalog Model

My dad - who in general is great, though I can count on one finger the number of times he's told me I was pretty - once took me out for ice cream, and when I went to town on the thing, making a total mess of myself, screeched, "don't you have any PRIDE?!" I was maybe 4 or 5 at the time. He doesn't remember it happening...but I sure do.

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On (^+.+^)



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