On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

@Jia Tolentino Where are you going? (Just so I can continue to follow you?)

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On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

I feel it is a travesty that there are so few comments. So welcome to The Hairpin! Other Canadians have done just fine helping to helm the ship. I'm sure you will be wonderful.

"I think The Hairpin is historically about petty ENTHUSIASMS instead." I love petty enthusiasms. I love hearing about people's obsessions." Yes! I recently googled "Natural Deodorant" and was reminded that Edith already did all the work for me. That I already knew what I was looking for. That's the kind of thing I have loved about this place.

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On Jennifer Lawrence Responds to Esquire's Concerns About Her Drinking

@Holly Jones@facebook This is not quite as good as Chamber Pots: A Resurgence? but I am amused non-the less.

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On The First Response Pie

@BosomBuddy YES! I had my last (sort of unfounded, I use The Nuva Ring) scare while moving from Portland Oregon to College Station for grad school. In that process I learned that the planned parenthood in College Station / Bryan is one of the three that were closed this summer because of the new legislation. Nothing has made me want to move to Texas less. But I'm in the clear! (Dear Nuva Sorry I doubted you! -SeaMoney)

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On Let's Revisit All of Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 1

@BattyRabbit I also love Everclear!

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On Let's Revisit All of Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 1

@matilda wormwood Everclear? Portland? So maybe this is just me, but I love them. So much for the afterglow was the album I listened to most. (I will buy you that big house way up in the West Hills) I wholeheartedly disagree with that 2/10.

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On 11 Summers Away

So much of this never ever would have happened at my camp post 1990's. (I was a young camper in the late 90's early 2000s and so I remember the tag end of the boys' shirtless man hikes, pranks, and cross dressing being a large part of Riverbox (talent show).

When I was a CIT 5 staff got fired for smoking pot in the woods. (We did not know why they had been fired at the time, because CITs are still very much campers) But we spent three days doing weird shit like all sitting near the pool, but outside the fence doing projects while our CIT directors life guarded.

But I also went to a West Coast camp that is co-ed and where most campers only come for a week or two each summer.

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On A Very American Open Thread

@iceberg I wish I had something to add that was really useful. I have spent some time working one on one as an Educational assistant with a very needy, and angry elementary student. So I am imagining that having rotating tantrums can feel as overwhelming and draining as one very angry constantly yelling human.

I quickly used up all of my skills and all of my Love and Logic parenting / camp training. (And then felt like a giant failure!)

And I guess I just want to articulate to you that I understand the feeling of standing in front of a screaming child day after day trying to figure out how to calm them down / make it stop and just feeling like a sink with an open drain. It is ok!

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On A Very American Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant I actually visited Houston when I went on a prospective student visit to Rice, and it did seem like a place I could have lived. (The group I would have worked with there ended up not having money to take me on, alas! At least I got a free trip to Houston out of the deal.) I am actually sort of worried about the cheap beer situation because I am an aspiring Portland beer snob!

@Passion Fruit My undergraduate degree is in Earth Sciences. I am going to begin studying the geochemistry of the sediment on the bottom of the ocean. We like to think about things like past ocean circulation patterns, and past climates.

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On A Very American Open Thread

I am preparing to move to College Station, Texas to attend Texas A&M for a PhD in Oceanography. I am wondering if there are any College Station 'Pinners? I am excited about going to school again and starting my research and science! I have only ever lived in Boston and Portland OR.

I am starting to stress about logistics like buying a bed and moving all of my stuff but I also am a little worried about the change in culture?

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