On False Dichotomy vs Who Cares

This post is so perfect. I will buy the hell out of your book when it comes out.

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On Did We Live Up To Our Yearbook Pages?

I have conducted a series of experiments and can confirm that is not possible that that is Emma's hand.

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On Martin Amis Character or "Tatler" Byline from Feb. 2013?

This is outstandingly great. I assume you are aware of the (not quite as awe-inspiring but still pretty good) Lacrosse All-Name Teams? The 2012 women's team, though it lacks any von Bismarcks - any von's at all really - does include Covington Stanwick, Raleigh Cavey, Mackellar Violich, Tierney Gormley, and Kearney Sneath.

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On Gilding Their Loins for Combat

"I know this: the making of the first armour mouse was the first time I was able to put the sum total of my being into something."

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On More Like Roman Cabbage

@thematt Oh and thai fish sauce. In the sauce. A few squirts.

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On More Like Roman Cabbage

No wrong.
1. Trim brussels sprouts and cut in half.
2. Put vegetable or peanut oil in a large saute pan, heat on medium-high heat.
3. Throw in brussels sprouts, preferably cut-side down, and cook, flipping occasionally to brown both sides.
4. Meanwhile mix in a bowl:
- a Tbsp or so of honey
- juice of one lime
- a Tbsp of soy sauce
- a lot of sriracha
- a drop or two of toasted sesame oil, if you want, and/or some sesame seeds
- some chopped up scallions, garlic, ginger, mint, or cilantro, or any combination of those, if you want, or not if you don't
5. When sprouts are softened and sort of burnt all over and look like a mess, turn heat to high and pour in sauce.
6. Cook, stirring frequently, until sauce is a blackened gunk coating the sprouts.
7. Eat.
8. Experience enlightenment.

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On 'Pin Picks: Cheaper by the Dozen

This was great. I will now read Angle of Repose, because of this, and because I really liked Crossing to Safety except the weird anti-Semitism.

I think "favourite" + "summer" = Australia, no?

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On Slavoj Žižek Shows You Where He Keeps His Socks

It's kind of obviously both of those things.

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On Crushes on Professors and "How Can I Tell If I'm Boring?"

"I'd say that about 75% of the times I consider expressing an opinion, telling a story, or making a joke in a social setting, I realize 'This is boring and no one will care!' and keep it to myself instead."

You're good. The boring people are the ones who don't do this.

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On Man Angry, Potentially Violent


(1) "Totally guilty" is possibly an overstatement but in any case

(2) our criminal justice system is vile and horrible and is designed to basically oppress young people of color! In order to do that one thing it does is occasionally give brutal prison sentences to rich old white guys! That allows it to discredit its critics! "What are you talking about criticizing our justice system for being racist and savage? See, we lock up rich Canadians too, what is the problem?"

Conrad Black is not a great guy or anything but having politically connected rich white conservative people run around yelling about the United States's horrifying incarceration rate is a *good thing*. Scoffing and laughing at him because he's rich and white and conservative and kind of evil and so hahaha it's great that he went to jail supports a system that sends lots of poor and black and young and not so evil people to jail for decades for no good reason.

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