On False Dichotomy vs Who Cares

I think I'd prefer to be the rarest kind of writer of all. The kind that actually writes shit, then edits, then sends it out.

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On Interview with a Santeria Priestess

@CaridadDelCobre I totally just freaked when I found this! I'm not crowned yet, and I'm pretty new to the whole religion. That being said, my Ile is pretty diverse. Primarily Puerto Rican, but with a good mix of black, white, gay, etc. I do feel a bit weird as a white girl in an African religion once in while, but I haven't experienced any overt (or even covert) hating. My Padrino is quite literally, the bomb, and is totally feminist, gay, and a really tough teacher! Thanks for doing this interview! Raaaaddddd!!!!

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On Leaving the Girl

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On Leaving the Girl

So. Fucking. Good.

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On The Best Things I Learned About Vinegar This Year

@fondue with cheddar Noooooo!!!! Apple cider vinegar only on skin! White vinegar is ok for cleaning, but not for bodies, as it feeds candida. But you know, maybe it's ok for your body? How's it feel?

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On Texticles

Oh man. Admittedly, for a good long while I was like, "Wow, these are some pretty boring last text lines. I could have just read my phone. Whatareyoudoing hairpin?" Then I got to the end and it's just magnificent. My literal 2012 may be different, but my metaphorical 2012 is just the same. 2012, go suck your own dick and then leave.

Well done, Carrie. 2013 can only be better, right?

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On Estate Jewelry: Bird Heads, Bridal Crowns, and an Eyeball

@Carrie Ann These are the times that I'm glad I haven't been putting money into a retirement fund for years because I would certainly cash out and blow it all on JANE AUSTEN'S RING!!!!

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On Dating Myself

@The correct term is babes, sir OMG! Phoenix pin-up!

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On Dating Myself

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On Dating Myself

@CoffeeAddict204 Yes you can! The trick if you start to feel self conscious is to love yourself more in that moment. If you feel like people are looking at you weird then smile warmly and say hello! They aren't looking at you weird anyways.

Not directed at you, CoffeeAddict204, but I want to clarify that I'm not espousing the self date as a last resort for the single. The self date is for everyone, single or coupled, man or woman. It's also by no means the only way to deepen the connection with your inner self. I could have written finding yourself on a yoga mat, or through a really good breakfast, or in a random moment staring at a tree, or laying in a lover's arms on Sunday morning, or reading a profoundly good book, or holding a baby. There are simply millions of ways to connect with yourself. Deep self love and self connection enhances connection with others. It isn't a substitute. As with everything...balance.

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