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On Why Did You Lose Him?

@themmases OMG aaaahahaha

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On Friday Open Thread

@NotBlairWaldorf ---______----

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On Friday Open Thread

@NotBlairWaldorf oh cellphone, you did just post my full name on my comment didn't you? Good thing it's no longer editable. Hi real life friends!

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On Friday Open Thread

Stacey Hauff
Dear Hairpin!
We are on a mad femin-fixin' kick lately and I want to capitalize on this energy and crowd surf a question. I work as the secretary at a construction machinery rental company in which.....I am consistently confronted with rampant sexism. Now, I have absolutely no hesitancy in directly explaining why what they said was wrong, but sometimes it's very subtle and I won't realize till later, or it's my coworkers across the shop, or a costumer saying something to me. It's just a summer job before I go back to college, not my career nor necessary to my day to day survival, honestly I would be fine making the men in my shop a little crabby if it meant I was being at all helpful to the wider discourse. Especially cause of the stuff I here is really casually atrocious! They just slip it in! (...agh self what why that phrase) I would love some snappy lines though, or quick explanations, or suggestions on how to respond, because sometimes I'm so shocked they really catch me off guard! Thanks, all.

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On Marriage, 2013

@iceberg Oh a laid back, charming, Irish musician. On our last night I made him listen to Robyn and he said it was "proper shite" but other than that he's pretty damn awesome haha.

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On Marriage, 2013

@NotBlairWaldorf Lord now I just feel like the made for TV movie version of PS I Love You

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On Marriage, 2013

@I Want To Go To There Hahaha thanks you guys, I appreciate this so much. I don't want to keep dragging this out with my friends at home who are like, great yes hot Irish man fantastic lovely. Bah sorry for completely thread jacking this. Just The Hairpin commentariat has a crazy wide range of experiences, this was some solid advice.

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On Marriage, 2013

@I Want To Go To There Ahhhhhh thanks for taking the time! That's fantastic congrats. I think I would want to roach the subject until I was actually hearing from masters programs and the like. Did you guys make the move based on each other or outside variables?

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On Marriage, 2013

@Biketastrophy oh I was definitely looking at masters there beforehand! I want to work with socially excluded youth in Northern Ireland. (There goes my private online identity to my friends who read this.) @iceberg you're from Australia right? Did you ever deal with transatlantic romance? (If you don't mind me asking.)

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On Marriage, 2013

@NotBlairWaldorf oh it's like that song "Too young to hold on and too old to just break free and run" thank you Jeff Buckley, obviously you have a song for this.

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