On Interview with a Woman Who Recently Discovered She Loves Group Sex

Er...I get that this is supposed to be all "WHOA I totally experienced this awesome sexual awakening and now I embrace my inner goddess" but that's not what I read at all. I read a story of someone who settled down crazy young and then allowed her husband to somehow leverage her bi-curiosity into a way to indulge his own group-sex fantasies. Sheesh. The whole experience was 100% what he wanted--he even picked out her outfit. And no--your partner offering your services to another man without first checking in with you is not hot and not cool. Ugh. Stockholm syndrome.

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On Do This No. 4: Sailing Through the Diaper Changes of One's Life

Late to the party, as always. First, I'd echo the PPD suggestions. Then, I'd say--the letter writer? Enormous narcissistic a-hole. Seriously, her "friend" goes through what is basically the biggest life change that anyone goes through, and girlfriend is mostly concerned about her friend not being as entertaining as she was before, and that if she makes plans with her that fall through she's missing out on a better offer. I see absolutely zero evidence of her "celebrating", and she comes right out and says "I just don't care".

When I had a baby, I lost a few friends as well. Mostly the ones who treated my son as if he were an annoying hobby or a pet I was currently obsessing over, and not my child who would be my child forever. Hint to those who are still and may always be pre-baby: think about your parents and how large a part they played in who you are, today. Your friends with babies ARE THAT PERSON TO SOMEONE.

And on the "helpful advice"--was it really? Because in this situation, helpful advice would be things like: "Oh, you're having a hard time doing anything for yourself? Why don't I go with you to the salon and hold the baby while you get your eyebrows waxed?", or "I imagine being a new mom must be so isolating. I asked around at work and got some recommendations for local moms' groups. Here is a list of all their info. Want me to hold the baby so you can call/email?", or "I'm sorry you haven't had time for much activity. If you would feel comfortable with it, how about I come over and watch the baby while you go to a yoga class?" See what they all have in common? Unhelpful advice includes things like: "Why don't you get a sitter?", or "You should just let the baby cry.", or "Maybe you should go back to work and then meet us for cocktails after."

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On The Tyranny of the T-Shirt Bra: Do You Live in Fear of Your Own Nipples?

I'm gonna throw a whole new monkey wrench into the works. Do y'all realize they make those foam-tittied freak bras into NURSING bras? Just imagine trying to pull a vast swath of fabric-covered petroleum product aside and attempting to feed an infant without allowing the tiny babe to suffocate under the weight and impenetrability (is that a word?) that is the t-shirt bra cup.

Also, if you're breastfeeding? The world pretty much knows that you have nipples.

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On The Rat-Hoarding Episode of Hoarders

Watching it, I couldn't help but wonder if the rat guy had specially selected his sweatband for the filming. Like, was he going around choosing his "I'm on TV!" attire and debating whether to go with the terrycloth sweatband or the red bandanna and being all "Eeny meeny miney moe...looks like it's all you today, white terrycloth sweatband! Sorry, red bandanna."

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