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@funfetti I've been super into Rosemary Greyhounds recently. Rosemary simple syrup (make regular simple syrup but stick two big sprigs of rosemary into it), grapefruit juice (fresh squeezed>>>>>>store bought), vodka. I kind of mix by sight, although one grapefruit's worth of juice, 1-2 shots vodka, and a teaspoon or two of syrup is pretty delish. Shake well, drink on porch with good book.

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On Friday Open Thread

So I have a question that I was going to pose on the Ask a Queer Chick thread, but I'm not sure anyone would see it.

Last night I was out at a gay bar with a group of girlfriends doing karaoke. I know all the words to all the songs but I can't carry a tune worth a lick. There was another big group of girls onstage struggling with "I Like Big Butts" so I was feeding them the lyrics and helping them out. They came down from the stage and brought me over to their table, and this one really gregarious girl was thanking me and they were all talking to me and--I slowly realized--flirting with me. I am straight and I have a boyfriend, but like all humans I like attention. The girls bought me a drink as a "thank you" for helping them out and we chatted a little bit and then I went back to my group. Later the same outgoing girl came and got me again and was like "my friend REALLY wants to talk to you" so I went over again and chat/flirted with this really shy girl and then went back to my friends.

So here's my question: Did I do wrong? I never told them all I was straight/taken, but I never said I wasn't either. I basically interacted with them the same as I would have if it were a group of dudes hitting on me/buying me drinks--polite attention, gentle flirting--but is there a different expectation with queer people? I was at a gay bar, with a group of all girls... should I have backed out early once I realized they were viewing this as something different than I was?

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@Alli525 I don't think the entire Hairpintariat would fit in Lexington. It's a tiny, gorgeous place.

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Awww, I wish I lived in DC because I would totally take him up on it. I'd like to go back to good ol' LexVA. I wonder if it's a W&L or VMI wedding (or both). Oh well.

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee could it have been something where because they couldn't find your reference they thought it was fake? That's the only thing that makes sense to me. Maybe they've been burned before!

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@HeckYes honestly, ask the liquor store people! They're usually really knowledgeable and helpful! Especially if you're at an upscale place.

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@salmonsaladsammich Maybe do a meetup at a bar? So he doesn't have to host. Or do a themed bar crawl. Bar golf is the gold standard (different drinks = different points, try to make par), but you could do something really personalized if you want to make it more special. I played [Name] Bingo once--you get a bingo card with various tasks on it (buy [husband] a beer/shot/mixed drink; buy yourself a b/s/md, get a stranger to buy [husband] a beer, etc as tame or crazy as you want) and are put on a team to try to get a row filled out. Or we did a simpler one where you had a set of things you had to accomplish by the last bar, including buying drinks, but also telling a story of the honoree in history, composing a song/singing a song to them, etc.

Basically, it's a bar crawl in honor of and personalized to your husband, so find things he would honestly enjoy, and you do all the planning so he doesn't have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the drinks/show.

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On Friday Open Thread

@lookuplookup My boyfriend sleepwalks and sleeptalks when he gets drunk. HE'S ALSO REALLY CONDESCENDING. So far he has:
-tried to pee in my closet and, when I told him it was my closet, winked and said "Clever girl."
-Walked into my spare bedroom because "the garage openers need opened." I live in an apartment and do not have a garage. When I said, "WHAT????" he goes, very slowly, with hand motions, "the. OPENERS. need. OPENED." when I told him to go back to bed, he replied, "YOU go back to be and let me DO MY STUFF."
-He turned on the shower and climbed into bed with soaking wet hands. When I asked him why he turned on the shower, he carefully and slowly gave me an explanation of the difference between 12-hour and 24-hour clocks. (There's no clock in my bathroom.)
-He started shaking my laptop, telling me the radar was broken.

He has no memory of any of this.

I don't think it's a big deal but you can get him to a sleep clinic if it really bothers you.

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On Friday Open Thread

@HeckYes I believe bourbon is a specific kind of whiskey that is only made in KY. You might also look at Scotch. My dad's a huge fan of whiskey and loves Scotch. Some 18-year old Glen Fiddich might go over well

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emby I once worked freelance for a company that, I found out as I was trying to do my taxes, DOES NOT FILE WITH THE IRS. It was for enough money I felt really uncomfortable not reporting it, but was also afraid if I tried to report it with a company that's unregistered it would throw up a lot of flags and make my life a lot harder. I eventually just tagged that amount of cash onto my reported earning for a freelance job, and it seems to have worked out. Call the company. If that doesn't work, see if you can find a work-around that will assuage your conscience and the IRS.

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