On Friday Open Thread

@Heat Signature Mud Runs are super fun! I walked a HUGE chuck of my first one, and unless you're in the super front of your heat, there will be a ton of waiting because there's usually a pile-up at various obstacles! You'll be really hungry afterwards though!

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On Orange Is the New Black Is the New House of Cards

@redheaded&crazy I feel like Piper is supposed to be the "gateway character" who's not super intriguing on her own. I also don't find her overly annoying, but I identify with her a bit so maybe that's why :-/

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On Orange Is the New Black Is the New House of Cards

@OxfordComma OH. Very interesting, I didn't know that and was wondering a bit!

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On The Best Time I Accidentally Attended a Teenage Orgy

@themegnapkin Well, Tiffany gave her a prompt by asking what toys she brought and including anal beads as an option. I laughed out loud at the idea of four, huge anal beads. Especially because I think they come as, like a string of beads? ...I'm revealing my innocence here I guess.

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On Orange Is the New Black Is the New House of Cards

I'm six episodes into this, loving it, and dying to talk to someone about it! I don't have any earth-shaking assessments, though. I'm white, straight, middle-class, and never been to prison, so I can't talk about how effectively it handles any of those aspects, but I would love to hear what others have to say.

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On How Little Exercise Is "Enough" Exercise?

@The Black Laser I am always shooting for mediocrity!

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On Nancy Drew Books You Haven't Read Yet

@lookuplookup I was just about to post a recommendation for "Confessions of a Teenage Sleuth," which is just satirical perfection in every way. ALSO: "Brown Harvest" by Jay Russell, which is Encyclopedia Brown by way of hardboiled noir, and is sometimes amazingly hilarious and sometimes really really uncomfortable.

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On Introducing the "Girlfriend Zone"

@queequeging I think although the phenomenon happens to all genders, it's typically men who blame the other party for it. I've definitely been attracted to male friends, confessed, and been turned down. It sucked so much. BUT IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT. FYI, all the guys who were decent people, I remained friends with (after a suitable amount of time spent wound-licking/bar-hopping). It's the whole idea of "being friendzoned" as being something that's a woman's fault, and "you should have known because otherwise why would I be friends with you?" that I object to.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Quinn A@twitter Okay, thanks for your advice. By the time I got that specific invitation I was fairly drunk. I think if I'd been thinking more clearly I would have refused, but it's been awhile since I've been really flirted with (I'm usually out with my boyfriend and/or a lot of people who know my boyfriend) so the flattery went to my head a little bit. It IS the same thing that I would have done with a group of dudes. Most of the girls in this bar are understood to be straight, especially on karaoke night (and the karaoke is of a far better quality than anywhere else in town), so that plus booze may have meant I was a touch slow to catch on that this was actual flirting. Regardless, I will try to be more careful and thoughtful in future. (I'm far more forthcoming about my orientation in lesbian bars, but I tend to go to them less for the same reasons I avoid straight meet-market bars.) Again, thanks for the advice and the straight-up (pun) real talk.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Quinn A@twitter Yeah, I just wasn't sure what to do (to clarify, although I'm not sure if it makes a difference, that bar is generally a gay-dude bar far more than a lesbian bar). I also hate to be one of those people who just starts spouting out "I'm straight/I have a bf!" whenever anyone starts talking/flirting with me. If this happens in future, what would be the correct way to handle it?

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