...after a weekend where my clinical rotation had me working with children and adolescents with spinal injuries. A disturbing percentage of them are gunshot victims with permanent paralysis as a result.

seriously, enough with the guns plz.

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On Good Man Profiled

@peasofmind @Lu2

It's ok - in the end, I had to have the car repossessed because I couldn't afford the $660/mo payment (which was almost twice the amount as my rent in a shitty room in a shitty shared house). The upside: the car was in his name. heh. I did ask if he wanted it back first...

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On Good Man Profiled

@Lu2 exactly.

this guy sounds painfully like my ex husband, who liked to read about/talk about men's rights, although he wouldn't have labelled himself an activist. when we divorced, we talked about how we were going to proceed: 50/50 division of assets and debts, with equalization payments to me because our debts were based on our mutual earnings, and I earned much less than he did. He blew up at this, convinced that I was going to "f*ck him as hard as possible", and hired a lawyer instead of opting for mediation. As a result, I ended up with half the debt, and was unable to pay for it, whist he was going out buying motorcycles and other accoutrements of the newly divorced 40 year old.

I'm working on forgiveness, and feel like I'll get there with my meditation practice, but I hear he still calls me a "crazy bitch", just like this guy.

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On Good Man Profiled

"“I thought of feminism like my mother did,” he says, strains of righteous indignation creeping into his voice. “Equal rights. Reproductive rights. Fair playing field. Let’s vote for Shelly Chisholm.”

“Shirley,” I interrupt.

“Whatever. I’m all for Shirley Chisholm. I went to Wesleyan. We didn’t spell women with an ‘E,’ we spelled it with a ‘Y.’”"


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On Good Man Profiled

omg. there's just... so much stuff to deride here. On "Lap Dance Anxiety" - “I’m not exactly sure how to behave when a strange woman straddles me for cash.”
...really? if that causes anxiety for you maybe you shouldn't, you know, go to a strip club? I read the article to make sure I wasn't being glib here, and... nope. It really is that asinine.

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On Good Man Profiled

I know this is silly in light of all the craziness within this guy, but...

"He is a still-athletic looking man pushing 50, tall and muscular and imposing, with those mitt-like paws, a craggy and weathered face, fatigued blue eyes, and a guarded smile that reveals a set of unusually large teeth."

...I really want to use my (ridiculously bad) MS Paint skillz to draw him based on this description... HILARIOUS!

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On Friday Open Thread

I hear ya, and I think I've only been able to do this sort of thing relatively recently. For me, I had to realize that in every relationship, each individual MUST be the broker of their boundaries, and in this role it's important to believe that you are at least equally in a "position of power" as the other individual. You've already convinced yourself of this once, in a professional environment. For lots of people that is a very challenging place to feel powerful, so you've got the chutzpah to do this!!! The positive effects of shifting your perception in your interpersonal relationships and having more comfortable boundaries will be huge, HUGE.

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On Friday Open Thread

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin thanks! i must have missed that post.

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On Friday Open Thread

and is anyone else having problems with the site not sending them notifications when someone has replied to their comment?

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