On Ranch Life

@TheBelleWitch I spent a summer living on a hay farm a few years ago, and across the highway was a ranch of the type you described. I never saw the owner, but I got to know the manager and his family pretty well. What separated that farm out from most of the others in the valley was that they had nice equipment that was fairly new and not prone to breaking.

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On Cold Crayfish, Reindeer Burritos

@anachronistique YES

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On Estate Jewelry: Theft, Mosquitoes, and the Slipper Acrostic Ring

THAT HORSE BRACELET. I never wear bracelets but I would wear that one.

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On Baby Steps (and Shots)

@SarahP Except that when you read the actual study, it's really not conclusiveat all (sample size of 8, study was actually about autism and gastrointestinal problems, not vaccines, etc).

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On Image Serving No Purpose Other Than to Let Us Stare at That Sweet Face All Day

Dear Horse, you look like a horse I used to know who was totally willing to let me sob into her mane. I am trying to avoid thinking of September, because I graduate in two weeks and have a job lined up that only lasts through August.

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On Rainy Day

Ugh, the rain here caused my riding lesson this morning to be canceled (we only have an outdoor arena). Go away please.

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On What Does Your Writing Implement Say About You?

@britishpetroleum I used RSVPS for a long time

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On Shop Talk

@Lisa Frank My first vibrator was a blueberry buzz

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On Laird Hamilton Knows

I am only energetic in the morning if somehow, before I am fully awake, I make it through a workout. Then, post-workout, everything is awesome. When I had swim practice at 5 am, and therefore didn't really have a choice about being up that early, I was definitely a morning person. Now, less so.

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On "I Don't Even Remember What I Got at the Olympics"

@celeec4@twitter You might think so, but then I would expect the same proportion of idiocy in the girls, and there wasn't

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