By Fear Biter on Every Meal Almanzo Eats in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy

@j-i-a I respectfully submit the Betsy-Tacy series. There are so, so, so many delicious meals in those books, not to mention making fudge of an evening, or Saturday trips to the ice cream parlour with the "crowd".
I demand at the very least a cataloging of the Sunday Night Suppers from the high school books! I'll do it myself if I have to!

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By Linette on Industry Rule No. 4,080: You Don't Want to Date Don Draper


Times chivalrous behavior is welcome from both ladies and dudes:

* I am old and frail. Please do give me your seat.
* I am pretty fucking pregnant. Please do offer to help me out of the car.
* I am injured. Please take this stuff I am carrying.
* I am extremely sad and/or upset. Please do offer to drive.
* I am inarguably way less strong than you physically, and something heavy needs a-liftin'. Please do offer to wrassle that for me.
* I am dressed in a way that makes it difficult for me to keep my balance and/or maneuver. Please do lend a hand; we must all band together in our sacrifices for fashion.
* I am doing something I do not have any fucking clue how to do, and that you do happen to know how to do. Please do explain how that works.

Times chivalry is unnecessary/insulting.

* We are moving house. You assume I cannot lift anything heavy because you are male and I am female. You are incorrect. Get the hell out of my way, I am carrying a bookshelf here.
* We are going hiking. I am wearing hiking boots and shorts. You really do not need to open the door for me. I got this.
* We are eating tacos at a fast-food joint. I get up to use the bathroom and you stand up courteously. Sit the hell down; we are not at the Viennese Ball.
* You wait for me to enter and exit the elevator first because I have tits, even though it is awkward for everyone involved. Get in the damn elevator and hold the door.
* We are installing cabinets. You try to explain to me how to wield a hammer, because girls always do it wrong. I renovated an entire house with my father throughout my childhood years. Shut the fuck up, you mansplaining asshole.

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By MilesofMountains on Ask a Jeweler: Shady Platinum, Sizing Up Your Rings, and the Case For Sapphires

@The Angels Have the Phonebox Ooo! ooo! Me! Ask me!

I'm an environmental scientist who works primarily in gold, silver, and diamond mines in Canada so I have Feelings on this topic. From an environmental perspective they're really not very bad at all, if I had to choose between a gold mine and a diamond mine in my backyard, I'd choose a diamond mine any day. The First Nations and Inuit have valid complaints regarding the level of consultation and cooperation required by mining companies developing on their land, but like you said I don't know of any resource development types where that isn't an issue, sadly. On the plus side, the companies I have worked with do make a strong effort to provide stable, well-paying employment for local First Nations and Inuit (although that's kind of secondary if they didn't want the mine there in the first place). On a safety side, I'm pretty sure your average office is less safe than a large diamond mine. They are crazy serious about worker safety.

Soo, Canadian diamond mines, not terrible, not perfect, it'd be more ethical to go without a metal ring at all, really.

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By SarcasticFringehead on 13 Camp Songs Where Someone Dies

A rig of bamboo (a rig of bamboo)
Now what is that? (now what is that?)
It's something made (it's something made)
By the Princess Pat (by the Princess Pat)
It's red and gold (it's red and gold)
And purple too (and purple too)
That's why it's called (that's why its's called)
A rig of bamboo (a rig of bamboo)
Now what is that? (now what is that?)
It's something made (it's something made)
By the Princess Pat (by the Princess Pat)

I hope someone else knows that song, not only to prove I'm not crazy but also because now it's going to be stuck in my head all day and I need someone to share that pain.

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By BlushAndBashful on 13 Camp Songs Where Someone Dies

Across the blazing desert, where nature knows no end
A buffalo spied his brother, lying in the sand
Said the buffalo to his brother--- what makes you lie that way?
But the buffalo did not answer
He'd been dead since way past May (since way past Maaayyyyyyyy)

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By meetapossum on 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

I can do this all night, guys.

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By Lily Rowan on April 16

If there's one thing less likely than Tom's shoes to bring about actual change in the world, it's going barefoot for a day.

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By HydrogenJukebox on Get This Look: Household Appliances

A few Christmases ago, completely unexpectedly, my mom's partner got me a cream-colored KitchenAid stand mixer - which he had a friend of his who does automotive pinstriping decorate with swirly ornaments and my name in Plum Crazy Purple. It is the raddest appliance I, or arguably anyone, will ever own.

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By chnellociraptor on Women's Favorite Kinds of Circles

Related but not really related: my mother reminded me not long ago that at my age, my grandmother was raising four children under the age of 8.

I'm 22.

Needless to say, a lot of drinking and mad respect for my grandma ensued.

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By lasso tabasco on Women's Favorite Kinds of Circles

Oh please. Drinking to excess= higher life satisfaction. These people know nothing. SINGLE AND DRUNK FOREVERRRR

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