On An Imaginary Conversation With My Potential Child When I Tell Her About Hanukkah

Have any 'pinners converted for their significant others? Any advice or stories? I'm in the very beginning stages of consideration and would love to hear some perspectives!

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On Ask a Clean Person: Autumnal Cleaning Conundrums

re: Hunter boots...it's not salt stains! It's actually a bloom that natural rubber gets. the best thing to clean it with is armor-all (yes, really, the stuff you use on you car). Hunter also makes a product for that purpose but armor-all is a fraction of the price. Just spray it on the boots and wipe with a sponge and it'll come right off!

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On Talking the Talk

@BornSecular I went on birth control for skin issues, and after walking out of my first appointment with the doctor my mom said "just because you're on birth control doesn't mean you can start having sex." I was 18. That was my first and last conversation with my mother that ever included the word sex. I am 28.

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