On Making Little Cakes With Martha Washington

I'm so incredibly jealous that you get to do dorky historical activities that a fellow history nerd like me would do anyway, and then actually write about said activities and presumably get paid for it. Where did I go so wrong in life that I have to be a history nerd by myself, with no viable career options resulting from it?

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Traveled Around Ireland

I think I was probably in Ireland at the same time as you (mid-June), and I could not have had a more different experience. I think this was largely due to the fact that we mainly went to the cities, rather than the countryside, but I've never been to a more unpleasant place. Terrible weather, unfriendly people (we actually had gangs of youths yell things at us on several occasions, mostly about my boyfriend being ginger, which is ironic since half of Irish people have red hair!), gross food, and the ugliest cities I've ever seen. And I say this as someone who has spent the last four years living in London, so I'm used to crappy weather/food. Plus we never even got to take in any Father Ted sites, which is probably the best thing to have come out of Ireland. :( I'm sure there must be lots of lovely things to see there, since everyone else seems to love it, but I didn't get to take any of them in.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Passion of Laurence Olivier

@Chills I was just about to comment on that! Thanks for beating me to the punch. I live in Wimbledon, and I was thinking, "hmm, I've been on plenty of Dorking bound trains, but Dorkey...not so much."

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