On 'Pin Picks: A Perfect Ten

New Marie Rutkoski makes me stupidly happy. I've been hooked on her since reading Cabinet of Wonders when it was a Texas Bluebonnet Award recommendation.

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On The Girl Scouts Remain Awesome

@maybe partying will help Girl Scout cookies are made by different bakeries (there are two or three nationwide licensees) and one of them has the rights to use certain names. When I lived in north Texas, the Girl Scout councils serving the eastern and western parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex used different bakeries. It was a little confusing but great for trying both bakeries' limited-edition cookie varieties.

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On The Girl Scouts Remain Awesome

@boyofdestiny After the amount of explanation I did yesterday about the BSA's organizational structure, that's a very fair point.

Re popcorn sales, you are correct about money not going to National. Where it does go, roughly speaking:
- 30% is the base cost to the manufacturer
- 35% goes to the unit to use as they see fit (unit budget for every level; individual Scout accounts in Boy Scout troops or Venture Crews)
- 25% goes to the council, where it is mostly used to support programming and the council's camps
- 5% goes to individual Scout incentives (the year's "popcorn sales" patch, prizes earned at various sales levels)
- 5% is used for promotional materials.

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On "Ahhh..."

@Exene Guy Raz wears a suit pretty well in the photo of him on the Babes of NPR Tumblr.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: That Divine Gary Cooper

@PatatasBravas A Tallulah Bankhead SoCH would be a hoot! A certain women's college in Virginia counts her among their notable alumnae -- she attended briefly when it was a women's seminary and was reportedly kicked out for biting a teacher -- but every time I see her name I think about her shenanigans on the set of Hitchcock's Lifeboat. In the interest of being polite and SFW, I suggest looking up the IMDb trivia page for the movie.

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On The Cardigan of Righteousness

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On The Cardigan of Righteousness

@CrescentMelissa The Mister Rogers' Neighborhood traveling exhibit was awesome! I visited it in North Carolina. It found a permanent home at the Louisiana Children's Museum after Hurricane Katrina.

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On So You Barfed in Your Copy of Jolie Kerr's My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag

@Megano! It's okay, I used to clean for a chef that didn't keep vinegar in their house. I'd carry my own, decanted from my household's jug of cheap white vinegar.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School - Bras and Mildew and Taffy, Oh My!

@mlle.gateau My favorite new thing for getting dried latex paint off things is Gloves Off Tough Stain Remover. I bought some after a review on a tool blog mentioned the reviewer used it to get latex paint out of a carpet. Now all my grubbies are paint-free... for now, anyway.

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