On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

I did an immediate find and search and...no Dandelion Wine? I still read that book every summer.

I am still afraid of the Lonely One.

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On Pretty Clothes

@hallelujah The couch-ness is unfortunate. But what I really want to know is WHAT HAPPENED TO HER HANDS??? Have they been photoshopped out? Are the stuck in secret bump pockets? What is going on there?

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On Breaking News Round-Up

@highfivesforall Seriously, what is up with that? I have a map-print cardigan that I wear way too often and I would definitely upgrade to a dress in a heartbeat.

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On Avocados for Lunch

@Jinxie Same here, but I live in SoCal. Not liking avocado was my secret shame until I conveniently developed an allergy to them (seriously, not faked). Now I can turn down guacamole without being harangued!

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On The New SAHM

@Katie Seriously. This is where I stopped reading. She is devoted to her husband's 'cuteness'?

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On Last Night's 'Girls'

@dracula's ghost I will now hold onto the hope that season 2 will reveal Zoe to be a Cylon.

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On Last Night's 'Girls'

@HeyThatsMyBike I really wanted to know more about Stamper, too. How did he end up as Frank's henchman? How long have they been doing this?

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On Last Night's 'Girls'

@Cat named Virtute I loved last night's episode too. I related a lot to Hannah--struggling with mental health issues, the loneliness and isolation that turns into vacillating between reaching out and pulling away, going back to an ex by merit of the fact that they actually saw what was going on (and it being an incredibly bad idea). Gah. It was like watching the low-points of my 20's reenacted in front of me.

I think that's part of what's so polarizing about Girls. Either you relate (admit to relating?) or you don't. I don't really understand how someone can watch something like last night's episode and have their response be "Those people are just assholes" or whatever, because it feels so emotionally true to me, but if that's not your experience, I guess it's just not your thing. This isn't to defend the actions of the characters because, yeah, they're self-involved, but they're just so human in a way that we don't get to see as often on tv.

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On Most Movies Need More Aretha Franklin

@OhMarie My love of Groundhog Day (both holiday and movie) is strong. Inexplicably strong. But yeah, it's kind of insane. I always try to explain it away that I'm from Pennsylvania. That's an excuse right?

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On Most Movies Need More Aretha Franklin

I LOVE the Blue Brothers. LOVE. Early on in my relationship with my partner, I had to have surgery and spend the night in the hospital and I was possibly being a big baby about it. Even though we had only been dating about a month, he came to my hospital room, snuggled up in the bed with me, and brought out his laptop that had the Blues Brothers all ready to watch. That's when I knew he was a keeper.

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