On House of Cards in One Day; or, A Tale of Bravery


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On House of Cards in One Day; or, A Tale of Bravery

I am also a Sam, but not about TV. I'm pretty relaxed about TV and don't care about spoilers. I watched s2 in 3 days, mostly because my boyfriend worked all weekend.

Also, Sam is called Max in the 2nd paragraph and that was a little confusing (but I LOVED the piece)

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On Interview With a Pregnant Porn Star

This was interesting but I couldn't tell if the intro was a parody or what: "Fresh-faced and dressed in a white tunic and leggings" reads like the intro of any other article about any other celebrity...

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On The Best Time I Realized Sleepless in Seattle Sort of Sucks

I've been reading a lot of Nora's essays (Scribble Scribble, Crazy Salad and I Remember Nothing) and I love them much more than her movies, but I still adore When Harry Met Sally, even if I see that it's not a perfect film. Now I have to check out Delia's book.

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On The Last Sunday of the Year

Estherrrr!!! This was great, I also hope you never stop making things. I am also in a relationship where I want to cuddle for a million years and what I miss the most is my reading time. I used to read a lot more!

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On We Hacked Anthropologie

@up cubed I know! I was mesmerized by how PERFECTLY they match!

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On The Beauty Bridge

This was SO GOOD, Jia! I recently interviewed the head of the Dove Project. She's a really upbeat lady, really engaged with the work that she does. But I just couldn't get her to say one IMPORTANT thing about marketing and beauty and it was very frustrating... maybe I'm just not a great journalist.

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On Daikon Cakes, Our Mom's Way

This was great! I'm also thr oldest of 4 sisters an my mom is one of 9 sisters. But I don' live with them and I miss them every single day.

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On Never Have I Ever Written a Book (Until Now): A Conversation With Katie Heaney

Can't wait! I CAN buy the ebook from Mexico, right? Right??

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On Blue Cup: An Ode to My Plastic Tumbler

Now I wish I had a cup!

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