By commanderbanana on “It’s magnificent what you’re doing, to help women realize their dreams for themselves.”

The hero is us. VOTE. Protest. Donate money to Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and NAF. Volunteer as a clinic escort.

Become part of the chain of women that provides housing, food, and transportation to women coming to cities where abortions are obtainable. Challenge people who are anti-choice and anti-women's healthcare. If you've had an abortion, talk about it. If you haven't, still talk about it.

Intern or work at organizations devoted to ensuring women have access to reproductive healthcare. Run for office. Become an OBGYN and learn how to perform abortions. Provide abortion services to women.

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By totallyunoriginal on Dress Your Family In Your Lover's Shoes

I love Kathleen's writing! So happy to see it on the Hairpin today!

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By Pariah Carey on Ask a Fancy Person: Talking About Military Service, Finding Goodbye Gifts, Being the Broke Friend at the Wedding

We had a wedding with about 90 guests. A handful of them gave gifts, but most gave cards. Some of the cards had checks in them; some had cash; some just had well-wishes, no money.

It's less than one year since our wedding, and I honestly cannot remember which guests gave money and which didn't. These are the people who love us and who came to eat and drink and smile and cry and dance with us. Any gift on top of that one was just icing.

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By kellyography on Apologia

<3 This is great and says incredibly eloquently the things I think and feel but can't express. Bravo!

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By brainyspice on The Worst Flirting in the World (in Ascending Order)

I was a friend-of-a-friend's first same-sex experience and a few days later she sent me a flirty facebook message to reconnect and also included a link to an article about the horrors of female genital mutilation?

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By carolitajohnson on A Smart Girl's Guide To Responding To Pop Stars

He says: "You don't know you're beautiful, that's what makes you beautiful!"
I say: "You don't know you're an asshole, that's what makes you an asshole."

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By 14719851@twitter on You Are, Was, and Always Will Be Pussy Control

BOOM. You won the third wave. GENIUS.

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By and it's not even my birthday on Dear Shailene Woodley

Did Feminism really write this letter? If not, that would be very misleading.

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By Bridget Fowler@facebook on Jennifer Lawrence Responds to Esquire's Concerns About Her Drinking

Could you just follow me around for a week and burn everyone I need to burn? I will remunerate you handsomely.

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By rathermarvelous on Mad Men, Season 7 Premiere: Is This Where the Fire Starts?

This episode made me think a lot about being "too much" (read: a woman) in a male-dominated environment. Peggy and Joan struggle for excellence and no matter what, men read them as pushing too hard, getting too emotional, asking too much. They are excessive, always too present, as if their femininity could spill out and make a mess at any moment. So Joan drinks between business calls and Peggy cries behind closed doors.

Basically, B E E N T H E R E.

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