By carolitajohnson on A Smart Girl's Guide To Responding To Pop Stars

He says: "You don't know you're beautiful, that's what makes you beautiful!"
I say: "You don't know you're an asshole, that's what makes you an asshole."

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By 14719851@twitter on You Are, Was, and Always Will Be Pussy Control

BOOM. You won the third wave. GENIUS.

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By and it's not even my birthday on Dear Shailene Woodley

Did Feminism really write this letter? If not, that would be very misleading.

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By Bridget Fowler@facebook on Jennifer Lawrence Responds to Esquire's Concerns About Her Drinking

Could you just follow me around for a week and burn everyone I need to burn? I will remunerate you handsomely.

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By rathermarvelous on Mad Men, Season 7 Premiere: Is This Where the Fire Starts?

This episode made me think a lot about being "too much" (read: a woman) in a male-dominated environment. Peggy and Joan struggle for excellence and no matter what, men read them as pushing too hard, getting too emotional, asking too much. They are excessive, always too present, as if their femininity could spill out and make a mess at any moment. So Joan drinks between business calls and Peggy cries behind closed doors.

Basically, B E E N T H E R E.

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By Rock and Roll Ken Doll on Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

I'm pretty sure we'll figure out a way to invent new races.

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By DullHypothesis on What My Mom Wishes I Was Blogging About

@Julie the T My mom doesn't make me talk about this kind of stuff but my Dad is El Jefe of pointless conversation. Golf! How big the strawberries (he didn't buy) at the store were! The weather! Republicans! Golf again! More golf!

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By mistersister on The Last Sunday of the Year

Moving to New York (way back in the 90s!) absolutely KILLED my creative drive. At the end of the day after the subway, my tedious desk job, the gym the subway again … all I wanted to do was drink, eat or sleep. Plus, everyone is an artist and everyone seemed better than me and when I was young I let that intimidate me.
Leaving was the best thing I ever did. It took me two years to start writing again, but it's happening. It's so much easier to balance life, work, creativity in other places. SO much easier!

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By leonstj on The "Do What You Love" Problem

@Kalorama_Kat AHHH this. When me and my sister finished school, my parents divorced. My mom got a new degree, and is now pursuing DOING WHAT SHE LOVES. She lives paycheck-to-paycheck and is saving nothing towards her retirement and living in an apartment.

And she is always like, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. YOLO. Quit your dumb desk job and PURSUE YOUR DREAMS!

And all I can think of is the fact that, because neither of my parents have homes of their own or any retirement savings whatsoever, one day they are going to be old. One day, one of them will live with me and one of them will live with my sister and the boring desk jobs we have taken with 401ks and generous vacation policies will allow us to take care of their old, drooling YOLO asses.

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By lizclaire on The Returned Is the Best Show on Television

REAL TALK: I went to a pre-college program with Jenna Thiam (Lena) in the summer of 2007. We sometimes sat next to each other in our class on 20th century plays. Since we hardly ever spoke, she most definitely does not remember me (though we are friends on Facebook--I was a bit shameless about my friending behavior as a 10th grader).

I, on the other hand, totally remember her. Let it be known that Jenna Thiam has always been this hot (or at least has been this hot since age ~16). She always wore these lacy bras that would peek out from under her dresses, and her hair was also amazingly red and untamed and made me realize for the first time how sexy and awesome curly hair can be. Our class was pretty interesting (it introduced me to Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, and August Wilson, so kudos to Ellen, our instructor), but to be honest I spent most of the class sneaking looks at Jenna, taking mental notes on her beauty/style choices and thinking to myself, "Goddamn it she is so fucking French."

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