On What Makes Us Feel Better When We're Sad?

"I've always been the most emotionally available person in the room at any given time. I have to be because if I’m not then who is going to be the mother hen to everyone?" I'm also the oldest daughter and this hit home.

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On The Best Time I Got Sent to "Pray-Away-the-Gay" Bible Yoga Camp

@Miel agree

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On Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

@Lucienne My mom HATES getting compliments about how pretty her daughters are (there's 4 of us) for that same reason

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On A Really Bad Month

this was beautiful

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On A Really Bad Month

@Susanna I'm so mad about the friends! what's wrong with her????

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On Ghosts Of My Youth

@Jenna Wortham@facebook yep, santería is the practice, santera is the person who practices it (not a santería expert, but a native Spanish speaker) The piece was really good!

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On Ghosts Of My Youth

@Gef the Talking Mongoose yeah, it reminded me of an old Mayan story I read once.

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On Nothing But the Truth: An Interview with Teyonah Parris

Great interview! I'm a huge Mad Men fan but I had never read an interview with Teyonah. She sounds awesome, and that story about people on the show saying the wrong name was handled with grace: she stated that this happens but didn't sound like she was bad-mouthing the show. (If I were her I'd be so angry!)

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On Cat-Calling, Around the World

Just shared this in fb and twitter. I live in Mexico City and it doesn't surprise me one bit that it was the worst city. I've changed the way I dress and I hate it, but really this city is not ready for female legs :(

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On Stories Like Passwords

this was really good and important. I had a teacher who made weird comments and sent emails that made me uncomfortable. Nothing else happend and sometimes I still think I imagined it or that it was my fault.

An acquaintance of my flew to Banff today for a residency, I hope she finds this sense of community there.

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