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On Befriending Your Best Friend's Girlfriend and Resisting the "One True Sex Act"

Ask a Queer Chick is my faaaaaaaaaaavorite and I wish it happened every week, nay, every day!

LW3: I'm a cis lady and my partner is a cis guy. We have sex all the time, and only rarely is it p-in-v! Granted, as you alluded to in your letter...we met due to a shared kink. *shrugs* I think because we met specifically talking about sex (are you in Seattle or Portland? try the stranger's lustlab profiles!) it made it easier to have it out on front street as it were and to discuss what we like. Due to medical reasons, my partner rarely ejaculates/experiences orgasm and one of the first things he told me when we started out was that he appreciated that I didn't place pressure on him to orgasm. We've really gotten in to tantric massage (don't laugh! it feels great!) and more often than not it's digital penetration that gets me off. Sure, lots of guys do associate p-in-v as the be all end all, but not everyone does. My last partner (and current bestie/roomie) was also much more confident using his hands, and we had great sex.

So they exist! really! Just be open and up front about it and your chances of finding a compatible partner expands. Good luck!

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On Shop Talk

Hot damn I love talking about sex toys. I am lucky enough to live 2 blocks away from the Seattle Babeland store and I visit at least a few times a month. I've been getting myself with my hands forever, but my new gal just introduced me to the joys of the Hitachi, and I've a glass dildo colored pink and shaped like a tentacle. Which is awesome. I don't like the little silver bullets. But yay sex toys! Can there please be a sex column on this site pretty please? I want to talk about sex all damn day.

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On Tonight's Full Moon

1. Free Will Astrology FTW
2. I just found out about AZ from the Hairpin last month, so I got to read the super manic sounding Pisces March forecast. It has been useful information to me, in a way that shames the skeptic in me deeply. But also I waited to sign a new phone contract until after the 17th and guess what? I saved $150 on my phone! So that was great.

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On Texts From Pride and Prejudice

This made me so happy. Just sent the link to my mother, because..and I know I'll regret this immediately...I'm trying to convince her to get a smart phone so we can text and keep in touch. I'd much rather text than talk (we live 20 minutes away from each other, I swear I am not a horrible daughter) but I'm thinking that way she can text me her thoughts at 2 in the morning instead of calling, which always immediately makes me think a close relative has died.

Additionally, here in Seattle on March 9th there is a Bushwick Book Club show (local musicians given a book to write songs about) and they're doing Pride and Prejudice! Totes my birthday present to myself. Yay!

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On Spectrums and Attractiveness

Jumped down to say: LW2: Straight White Girls don't like rope burn and bruises WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

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On Dear Internet,

Ahhhhh! LDR is my jam. I have no current or past musical knowledge or anything, but lana came in to my life and that ish is so sexy it's like pavlovian response- I hear her song and I get turned on. Simple as that. I knew it was love once I found out that while she was struggling to get picked up by a label/make it in la la land, she worked with the local homeless population. Love everything about her.

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On Sex Diaries: The Results

@NuckingFux Nix Right? It's the adult version for sure! And thanks, hot sex is rad.

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On Sex Diaries: The Results

Okay, the articles recently have been SPEAKING TO ME. It's lovely. I have had a little bit of a'all of the above' from the diaries in my life the last bit. Got out of a 3 year relationship with an aspie who lost his sex drive a year in to the relationship (OMG), had a threesome, had a one night stand, one partner from the threesome is now being a SUPER CREEP to me (and yeah, I've been direct in communicating GTFO, and am now no longer responding to him), and also....found a lovely casual dating sitch and having the hottest sex of my life. This has all been in a 2 month period. Ooh! And I got my septum piercing caught in a guy's prince albert while going down on him! Longest minute of my life. Yay sex!

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On Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

@viola bruise Totally had my college boyfriend break up with me by playing me a Crosby Stills and Nash almbum and after one particular song being like 'That's us'. SO SAD.

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On Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

Ahhhh! I finally registered to comment because OH MY GOD this is relevant to my life and everything is all about me. Me and my guy of 3 years broke up in March, and a few weeks later I went to see the Magnetic Fields with my pal for my birthday (we'd bought the tix before the breakup). My ex taught me to play uke, and we used to play Magnetic Fields songs for each other all the time (especially Book of Love!). An hour in to the show I'm sobbing silently to all the bittersweetness of their music and had to leave. I only just picked up my uke the other day for the first time since the breakup and *didn't* cry. Step by step...

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