On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Is the Friday Bargain Bin no longer a thing? Because that will make me cry actual tears.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Bosses Have Said: The Bracket

One summer, I had a lot of mosquito bites on my legs, and a bad habit of scratching them until they scabbed over. I wore a skirt to work one day, and my boss screwed up his face and said "You need to start wearing pantyhose to work - you look like you have a venereal disease."

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On I Only Took the Test to See What the Questions Were

86%, and I actually went back and Googled the ones I was unsure of to figure out which two I missed. NERD. The Newt/Hillary one tripped me up big time - the climate change commercial I vaguely remember was with *Pelosi*. Very sneaky, ProPublica!

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On Why Enigma's "Sadeness" Could Never Exist Today

I definitely spent the first half of the 90's making out to this song. It was also my preferred soundtrack for sneaking late night cigarettes through my bedroom window.

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On Boy Demolishes 1991 New Hampshire Lip Synch Music Video Opportunity

I just did a side-by-side comparison of this clip and the Madonna video (because it's that kind of a Friday night) and holy shit! He's doing the actual choreography! I can just picture him in his family's TV room, practicing over and over and over again. (But the awesome kiss he sends Bette Davis at 3:35? All him.)

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On Phones Are Bad for Planes

As a fellow nervous flyer, I too get really anxious about the BB-ers (and in fact even called a flight attendant over once to get a girl to shut her phone down. Just call me Nervous Nellie Tattletale.). But a friend who used to work for the White House and flew on Air Force One many times tells me that all the staff and press aboard use their phones throughout the whole flight. And that's dozens of people at once. So - I don't know?

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On How to Quit Shampoo Without Becoming Disgusting

Does anyone know why you are supposed to use red wine vinegar instead of white? I've always used white in the past, and it works, though the stinky vinegar smell is an undeniable side effect (I use straight undiluted white vinegar though, and then follow up with a shampoo to tone down the smell. And I only do it once a month or so.). Maybe I've been doing it wrong all this time?

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On Make Your Own Peanut Butter Cups!

I surprised my husband with a batch as one of his anniversary gifts. (He was delighted, as anyone would be by homemade peanut butter cups. I recommend.) Mine look more like bonbons than Reese's, but whatevs, they're still delicious. One tip though for anyone who (like me) thinks 4 oz is the universal standard for a half-cup: it's not. The PB mixture still tastes delicious with that much powdered milk, but is way too stiff and even a little crunchy. I'd recommend starting with 2 oz of milk flakes and working your way up from there.

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On A Cure For Baby-Pattern Baldness

I was certain this was an April Fool's site - until I did a Google search and realized they've been around for years. BB brags that: "Because of its fine texture, softness and life-like appearance, we are often asked if Baby Bangs! Hair Strands are Real Hair!" I think they're misinterpreting the question. I think it's more like people are shocked at a wig-wearing baby, but are trying to be polite: "Is that, uh, her real hair??"

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On Beauty School, Crotch Out

Um, Frankie AVALON.

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