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On What to Wear at Fancy Halloween Parties

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) But where will you get your canoe skates insignia to hang about your waist??

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On Halloween Advent Calendar 2014: Estate Jewelry

I want pretty much all of these.

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On "Too Many" Straight Friends, Hiding Your Sex Tools, and Life in the Queer Lane

@LilyB Oh this is very clever! I have just begun wondering about the racier aspects of baby-proofing...

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On Six Signs You're Truly Comfortable In Your Relationship

I've done #1 and #5. Except never blue, just funny-shaped or impressively large.

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On The Best Time I Watched My Doctor Examine My Stool Sample

@Claire Lovell OMG that is a terrible terrible nightmare.

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On Croatian Constitutional Court Upholds Mandatory Child Vaccination

@ru_ri I say all sorts of terribly rude things, like "I hope you only kill your own child, not someone else's cancer patient with your stupid decision." Generally this means I don't have a lot of friends who don't vaccinate, which I am fine with.

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On Signs I Want You To Leave My House After I've Hosted You for Dinner

@stonefruit I just go ahead and go to bed. It works pretty well!

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On Everyone Was Hungover and Nothing Happened

They certainly started deterring me once I hit 25 or 26... Binge drinking is for the young!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Miss Maszkerádi I would just like to say my husband was a 24 year old virgin when I found him, and it has worked out just fine for us. You'll be fine!

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On Friday Open Thread

@up cubed Fit Fit Fit! I have the base model, and I like it just fine (the floor mats are like $100). My husband often grouches that he wishes it had cruise control, but he rarely drives it, and I don't like cruise control... I think the spoiler and underbody trim are tacky on the Sport. Once in a while I wish I had keyless entry, but not enough to have paid the extra $2500 or whatever.

I have a 2007, my dad has a 2008, my sister has a 2009, her old roommate has a 2010, my MIL has a 2012... we are all very happy with them, no matter the model.

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