On Pope Francis Kissing the Disfigured Man

@turnipgreens I see where you're coming from, but I think this is akin to any person in the public eye using their fame to try to make an impact (I was about to liken it to Princess Di publicly hugging an AIDS patient, but that's a hard one to say how much was for her and how much for the patient).
Isn't it possible that the pope could have multiple reasons simultaneously for hugging the person? He could have compassion for a member of his flock (assuming, since the man is described as a pilgrim waiting in St Peter's Square) and simultaneoulsy be attempting to set an example to the general populace to be kinder to individuals that often get ignored or worse.
Do I think he is doing some of this stuff tactically, such as washing prisoners, womens and Muslims feet instead of the standard high church authorities? Absolutely! But he's the head of a church and it's his job to be visible and set the example he thinks is appropriate. Frankly, I'm happy the Catholic church has finally elected a pope who thinks kindness and human decency are the examples he wants to lead by.

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On Friday Open Thread

@upupandaway Is the new Exploratorium any good?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie Since you're in San Francisco, I think you should take the ferry over to Sausalito, having drinks in the bar on the boat.
Do the tourist stuff, the weather is supposed to be great this weekend.
What about the Musee Mechanique - that would be a fun interactive date.

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On Friday Open Thread

@blueberry mary " I just don't want to be that asshole who uses someone or leads them on."
Seems like as long as you're honest about where you are feelingswise, both with yourself and with him, then you'll be okay. If you are enjoying being with him and he's enjoying being with you, why stop? Eventually one of you will probably bring up the question of where the relationship is going, and at that point you can reevaluate. As long as you aren't telling him you're madly in love with him when you aren't, no harm no foul. If he's looking for more, it's up to him to say so (in the same way it would be up to you to so if you were).
You say that you've never been in a relationship before, and maybe your expectations are a little unrealistic? Its very easy to have a crush on someone and get that fluttery feeling, but longer term comfortable is good.
I think someone else already asked Do you look forward to seeing him and spending time with him? Does he make you smile?
If you answer no to both of those, then I'd say walk now. If not, I'd say give it more time.

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On Friday Open Thread

@rosaline Woohoo! My neighborhood made a concerted effort to organize (via email) so all the parents knew where people would be home, and I got about 15 trick or treators. This is way up from the 5 last year. I actually ran out of candy and had to borrow some from my neighbor.

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On Mouthwatering Recipes from the March 1950 Issue of McCall's

So confused. How is it that the obesity epidemic didn't hit in the 1950s, with all that mayo, crisco and sugary jello?
Was it that everything tasted like such crap that no one actually ate anything?

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On Friday Open Thread

@cabber Since they're racist, make a donation in their honor to something like the NAACP or the Anti Defamation League. Then send a nice card saying "So sorry we couldn't attend, but to celebrate the joyous event, we're donating X amount in your name to (anti-racism group). Love and Kisses!"
Then enjoy imagining their horror at receiving it, and inability to respond.

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On The Hairpin Travel Serial, Part Four: Paris Is [Lonely/Lovely] When You’re Alone

Solo travel is the main thing I miss about being single! I travelled all over by myself when I was single and it was great. I don't think you can meet people as easily or have the random adventures when you're in a couple. But solo travel pushes you to talk to strangers and stay in hostels and do things on a whim.

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On We'll Never Be As Cool as These Australian Criminals from the '20s

Skukerman is going to give me nightmares for weeks. Creepy!!!

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On I'd Like to Buy the World a Brand New Disease to Fear

@katesmash Sorry to hear it, but trust me, better to get it over with now, than to deal with the later effects if it goes untreated.
The sun sensitivity may not be as bad as they tell you - I was on doxy for a few years and only had a problem once when I let me sunscreen wash off while hiking.
This just gives you an excuse (like one is needed) to wear fabulous hats and don't-look-at-me sunglasses like a movie star.
Did the doctor tell you not to drink? I found that sometimes alcohol would interact with it to cause stomach pain.

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