On Apologia

“stop-hitting-yourself feminism”
You nailed it right there. Thank you for this new expressino. That's a description that immediately explains for this generation, male and female, the effect of telling women to stop doing this and that (stop getting drunk to prevent gettin raped, lean in to get promoted, be assertive whatever).

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On The Hobby Lobby Pie

@stonefruit Word. In my carpool, a lady "d'un certain age" was talking excitedly about how many great advances in gay rights she's seen in her life. Then, NPR mentioned the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision and we all realized it was one step forward on gay rights, two steps backwards on womens reproductive rights.

Time to go make a donation to NARAL.

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On "Nobody is here because they dreamed of doing this": On Training to Be a Nurse Aide

Holy crap is that depressing. Brings back all the college summers I spent working in a nursing home as a nurse's aide. Back then, you could work for a few months without any certification.
Worst job ever.
It's a travesty that we pay people so poorly to look after our elderly and supposed loved ones. The job is incredibly physically demanding - you have to bodily pick people up and out of bed into wheelchairs, or from wheelchairs to the toilet (if you're lucky and they are still continent).
And its hell on the elderly. There they are, bodies no longer functioning, minds often going, but not gone enough to not care. The people hired to care for you often have good intentions, but are exhausted, over worked and underpaid, and don't have any special training to deal with the psychological needs. I remember the intense shame in elderly people's faces when they were incontinent and I, some stupid teenager, would have to clean them up.
I hope I die before I ever get to that.

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On When People Say Funny Things When Animals Attack

@City_Dater "We can all be terrible people together."
So happy to have finally found my peer group!

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On The 10 Worst Nail Polish Names from Pure Ice

Seriously Walmart? My tax dollars are going to you for this crap?

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On 14-Year-Old Child Bride Poisons 35-Year-Old Husband One Week After Wedding

@isabelle bleu Yup, gotta admit, my first thought was "good for her!"
If that makes me a bad person, oh well. I'm still a better person than the evil sh**s that forced a 14 year old to marry a 35 year old.

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On Britain's First Clone Puppy Is 10-Day-Old Dachshund Named "Mini Winnie"

Screw the dogs. I want to clone myself. I want a clone army of mes. And once I have enough ... world domination. Mwah ha ha!

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On Winter Survival: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday Cake

@Gleemonex What fun to get to see the books anew through a 6-year old's eyes!
I think the books somewhere talk about corncob or cornhusk dolls - they're fun to do (not like whipping egg whites by hand).

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On Winter Survival: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday Cake

“What is that weird smell?” you may ask again and again, as I did, before realizing it is the cake. It emits a very heavy, egg-y aroma, giving the kitchen an authentic prairie home scent"
I would hazard a guess that even though the recipe calls for 10 egg whites, in today's terms that would be more like 6 to 8. Today, most people get X-Large or Jumbo eggs, at >2.25 oz per egg, as it can be hard to find smaller eggs in stores. Back in the 1880s, eggs were more likely to be ~1.7 oz per egg, depending on feed and time of year. (see http://www.foodtimeline.org/foodeggs.html)
Extra egg may also make a cake denser.
The more you know.

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On The Best Time a Diva Cup Suctioned Itself to My Cervix

@retrogirlie I used the Diva Cup successfully until I developed some sort of skin reaction to it, so figured I'd have no problem with the Softcup. Wrong wrong wrong. I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong, because I followed the instructions meticulously, but each time I've tried I end up with blood all over my underwear instead of in the cup. Ugh.

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