On Elephant or Donkey?

#10c How did you know? Gay, Jewish, and Atheist, are exactly my three most important criteria for choosing a man.

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On Cats in Art

I love that Carracci! So evil!

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On Terrible Pick-Up Lines

I got that once too, only I was in drag on halloween, dressed as Hedwig from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. And I was 15. And it was on the brooklyn heights promenade.

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On Ask an Abortion Provider

Thank you.

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On Things Facebook Has Suggested to Me Offline

All Jews know all Jews. That's a thing. One time we had over my second-cousin once-removed's wife's aunt, as well as my best friend; turns out, that the second-cousin once-removed's wife's aunt was the grandmother of my best friend other really good friend, from camp Ramah. Facebook is right... we all know each other.

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On Teens on Speed, Water Ballet, and Racist Tappin': 1974's That's Entertainment!

Oh, but I my crushing is directed at Fred Astaire, not Gene Kelly.

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On Teens on Speed, Water Ballet, and Racist Tappin': 1974's That's Entertainment!

I thought I was falling in love with this blog, and then Judy Garland came up, and that was pretty much it. It was meant to be. My childhood followed a very similar pattern starting with an early Wizard of obsession and peaking in middle school with a Liza Minnelli obsession. (Why yes, I have seen Liza with a Z.) Then I got all jaded and decided to be less flamboyant. This snapped me out of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzyPMRo8ZUQ&feature=related . My love for Judy Garland will never waver again.

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