On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@rosinator a friend of mine would say that the grass needs done and she was born and raised in northern Canada. I always wondered where she came by the expression.

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On Bake-at-Home Babies: Embryo Adoption and Me

@artychoke. I am glad you found it helpful. If you don't mind I will hold you in my thoughts and will pray for the best possible result. Whichever way it turns out, please believe there is a life ahead of you that could be wonderful.

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On A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

I have been so grateful for a unique and safe place to talk about stuff with an intimacy I have found nowhere else. It has been quirky, charming, funny and informative. To create such a site in the first place would have been a tremendously all -consuming labour of love. Thank you Edith, for creating a great pajama party. I must not begrudge you the right to move and create other wonderful things.

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On Bake-at-Home Babies: Embryo Adoption and Me

@noodge I was unsuccessful in my journey through fertility treatment, ending with IVF. I grieved deeply for the first year. Part of me will always grieve but I chose to not make it the central issue of my life. I deliberately chose to move forward and make my life about other things. My need to nurture is addressed by teaching adult education. Working with other people's children would have been too hard and I knew my limits.
An unfulfilled desire to have children can be heartbreaking and feel like the end of the world but it isn't the end of the world. Just a different world from what was hoped for. As with anything else that qualifies as a personal tragedy, it is possible to move through it and beyond it if one can find the resolve to do so.
Thanks to Iceburg for sharing this. It always lifts my heart to hear the success stories.

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On Scrub?

Is love enough? It depends on how much living in poverty stresses you out. I used to think I could live on love but living chronically on the edge of a fiscal cliff has demonstrated otherwise. It isn't shallow to check on whether you and your guy have the same values and attitudes about money, comfort and security. If he really doesn't care about money, as opposed to being confused as to how to earn it, this will likely become an ongoing source of stress in your relationship. What kind of future do you want? What kind of future does he want? Do they match?

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On The Inspirational Poster Pie

Doing housework naked without worrying too much about meter readers wandering into my back yard. Has happened.

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On Estate Jewelry: Theft, Mosquitoes, and the Slipper Acrostic Ring

So many beautiful, sparkly pieces. I couldn't decide whether to laugh in wonderment (who knew diamonds could be blue and so beautiful) or cry that the mosquito pin is not mine. I want....

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On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

However I do stand by my assertion that relationships can be considered, if not fully explained, in transactional terms.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

@somewhere.my.love you clearly have a firmer grasp of economics and liberal individualism than I do so I cannot meet the debate on your terms. Economic terminology is indeed incomplete in its ability to capture the exciting messiness that is life and relationships. On the other hand, women still do think of themselves as marketable commodities and I think that the way in which Bette used economic terms is valid to the more general understanding of those terms and does resonate emotionally if not with technical accuracy. So I'm hoping we are on the same page.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

@TARDIStime thank you for the compliment regarding my eloquence. I made my head hurt trying to express myself.

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