On Aideah and Sophayden

@a small sea There's a very good reason that Zowie Bowie now goes by the name Duncan Jones.

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On One Line DVR Summaries of Individual Breaking Bad Episodes That Work for the Entire Series

@antarcticastartshere YES. I think Skylar is totally sympathetic, and even when her reactions feel childish or impulsive they're always justified. Team Skylar, Team Betty Draper.

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On "Your money is under the guillotine."

@glitterary: Jokes!

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On What, Me Buy?

@LittleBookofCalm My favorite neighborhoods are Windsor Terrace and Greenwood Heights- quiet and full of families and walking distance to Prospect Park, with reasonable rent compared to the adjacent Park Slope. I had a stroke of luck with the by-owner section of Craigslist, though if you don't mind some irritating bait-and-switching and can get a guarantor, a no-fee realtor from a place like Rapid Realty can be useful too.

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On Nagging Attractions and the Strategies of Lesbianism Convention (SLC)

@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas Your boyfriend sounds absolutely lovely.

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On Escaping, Tipping, and Moving Forward

@special_boots The thing is loan payments completely limit your options in terms of jumping careers or freelancing or taking time off to travel. Monthly payments on a $10,000 loan are manageable, but the interest alone on my loans (total of about $130,000, ugh East Coast private school) is $600. Now it seems like I'm chasing you around the comment thread but yours jumped out at me and I wanted to offer a different perspective! Massive debt is a real burden, financially and mentally.

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On Escaping, Tipping, and Moving Forward

@special_boots I'd add to be reeeeally careful about what loans you're getting, and avoid Sallie Mae's private loans at all costs. The schmancy school I went to cut down my grants and replaced them with loans each year (partly because Bush cut down FAFSA benefits while I was in school) and they basically judged that 70% of my parents' total income should be going to my tuition. I ended up getting private loans out for this which now carry an interest rate of 9%+. This is partly because of going in blind about this stuff, so like special_boots said, research is really important. But not all expensive private schools have big endowments and many of them have a terrible rep for financial aid (coughNYUcough).

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On The Palm Oil Problem and Other Catch-22s

@rucifie Hey, come on now. Lady scientists aren't THAT creepy. And their likelihood of disease is VASTLY overstated.

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On Simon Doonan on "Porno Chic"

@leon.saintjean The thing that infuriated me is that something like that is a "trend" only so much as dictated by the men in power- who the male directors cast as their sex objects, men who patronize Hooters-type restaurants or the men who own them. And if you talk about high fashion, small breasts have been status quo for the past half century.

And all of this about something a woman has absolutely no control over, outside of expensive, painful surgery. It's really absurd to talk about in terms of "trends" because no matter what, you're writing off not just clothes, but actual women's bodies as "out of style", which is crazy and reductive and ugh.

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On Hate Actually

@piggie I feel like a Grinch when I am like "Sorry guys! Not gonna watch that movie" but WOW everyone in it is so despicable and it's such a cynical move on the filmmaker's part to just throw in every emotional manipulation and see what sticks; I find it pretty loathsome!

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