On What Made You a Feminist?

@laurel Heh - fixed because I couldn't let it stand, but yep, pretty much!

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On What Made You a Feminist?

@Nicole Cliffe My mother had this exact edition, and I read it for the dirty pictures and personal accounts of orgasms! Years later, she still referred to it when I had questions about things like the Pill, and I remember being very suspicious about how up-to-date the science was.

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On Six Guaranteed Low-Effort Toddler Games

I am also a big fan of the following:

1. Pretending to Eat the Blatantly Inedible Object
2. This Banana is Actually a Telephone
3. Where's Mama? (hint: hiding under a heavy blanket while prone on the couch)

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On Ask a Clean Person: Holiday Disasters 2012

For the gross cookie sheet problem: I have old, cheapo, kind-of-rusty cookie sheets, but I invested in a Silpat mat that I toss over the mess and voila! No longer a problem. Plus, no more greasing of pans, which is the worst part of holiday baking.

I realize this doesn't solve the problem for other types of pans, but when you're baking shortbread on a deadline (or lazy), it works!

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On Crushes on Professors and "How Can I Tell If I'm Boring?"

@Weasley Me too. 7 years, married, one kid and one on the way. We are both pretty boring, practical, and non-dramatic types, and took things slowly.

But, con: dating an academic of any kind can suuuuuck with regard to the probability that you'll be long distance at some point. Especially with the job market being what it is. We basically dated by phone for two years, bleh.

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On Crushes on Professors and "How Can I Tell If I'm Boring?"

LW1, I managed to both seduce and marry my professor (both AFTER he was no longer officially my professor.......important fact!). We are very happy some seven years later. My recipe for success included loaning him interesting novels based on his area of expertise with little personal notes inside. He thought it was charming. But I also knew that a) he was single, b) close to my age, and c) just a very, very good and moral person. If you have doubts about your prof's character, stay away.

I also NEVER EXPECTED things to work out beyond my wildest dreams, but hey, they did. Good luck.

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On Obsessed, Nervous, or Just Hungry?

@noReally Yup. I used to hide my hands in job interviews to prevent prospective employers from seeing them! Over the last two years, I have slowly, slowly worked to quit it, one finger at a time. (Yes, I am still on the last stupid finger.)

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On The Best Time I Went on a Candida Cleanse

Ugh. I did a modified version of the candida diet, under the supervision of my naturopath, while dealing with thrush during breastfeeding. I have never been hungrier. I lasted about a week before I got a massive dose of fluconazole instead and ate all the bagels I could get my hands on.

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On Friday Open Thread

I am moving back into my house after a year abroad, and holy crap, it is much harder to get organized with a toddler running around than it was with a charming lump of a baby who sat in a bouncer and burbled. Paging Mary Poppins!

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On Friday Open Thread

@dale The highly unmagical Ontario. Oops! Must not let pessimism trump happy repatriation vibes!

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