On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Food Allergies

@area@twitter Re: the whole lumping allergies and intolerances together, explaining my MBL-deficiency as "sugar allergy" is way easier than "an auto-immune disorder that means my body really can't process sugar". Allergy people get, auto-immune, not so much. However, I love my customers that order soy lattes with whipped cream on top. With all my heart.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Eliot

@landers Seconding the not having any idea of how to act on a crush. Seriously, what do people do?

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On Interview With a Virgin: Eliot

I love this series! I'm 22 and a virgin myself. I went through pretty intense bullying as a kid so I guess I never really felt like I was allowed to like someone? But after therapy and generally working on myself I've become completely boy-crazy. Like, I'm taking out five years of never liking anyone in five or six months. But I have no freaking idea of how to act on it and it's sooo frustrating. Like is two weeks of knowing each other and working together too soon to start something? Cause I like you, cute boy in my new part-time job.

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On Name That Book!

@angryocean Could the bees have been ants? Because then it might be Sarah's Nest by Harry Gilbert. Beautiful and poignant, they raise a wall to keep an anthill in the shade but it turns out the ants are freezing to death. And she goes into a coma (dies? not sure) but she's the queen ant while in the coma.

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On What I Learned at the Family Tree Center

My great-grandfather came to Iceland during WW2, married my great-grandmother, had my grandmother, moved them to his farm in Kissimmee FL, they divorced and she moved back home. He never remarried and was an only child. I sometimes wonder if Disney owes me millions in land values, but probably not.

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On "Motherland," William Nicholson

@Lucienne "Good" is of course an objective term but: Anna and Bates? I've also always been a fan of Lord and Lady Grantham but they're VERY open to debate.

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On "Motherland," William Nicholson

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On "Motherland," William Nicholson

@Nicole Cliffe Man is that the worst marriage of the entire series.

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On "Motherland," William Nicholson


I'm afraid my rage will have abated by the time the CHRISTMAS SPECIAL airs in the US. Though certain actors will still be dead to me. I'll have to settle for domestic rage instead of international.

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On Friday Open Thread

I started reading Emma for the first time! I really like it.

That, the socks I'm knitting and the Doctor Who I'm watching while I'm knitting are pretty much the things that kept me going this week. How can you set fire to the atmosphere and everyone is just fine? Like, seriously?

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